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Parting Shot

Braving Harvard's Storms

If I could redo Harvard, I would study abroad and go to the Schlesinger Library just to browse. I would borrow the dog that is on loan at the Harvard Medical School’s Countway Library.


Bowling Beyond Harvard

I asked Murray what members of my graduating class could do, the 22 year-olds who will leave the Harvard bubble in May, but he answered with a gloomy outlook. “Not much,” he said. “A great deal of social capital…is generated by the exigencies of family.”


The Myth of Senior Spring

Robin Williams once said, “If you can remember the sixties, you weren’t there.”


Harvard, #1 Party School

During this week off, I realized that I go to Harvard, the greatest party school in the history of the world.


Down with Dorm Crew

Dorm Crew’s services result in sparkling bathrooms, but they could be rife with bacteria. Harvard would never tolerate these issues from a third-party, professional vendor, and it should not lower its standards simply because student-workers provide the service.


Seeking Practical Skills

I concentrate in Social Studies. I have taken coursework that counts for the “Social Analysis” core (may it rest in peace). But in reality, while I have improved my ability to study and analyze social things, I am bad at participating in them myself.


Privileging the Privileged

As Harvard reintroduces early admissions, it should seek additional ways to increase access for applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds. One way the admissions office could do so is by abolishing policies that privilege children of alumni, or legacies. Harvard should pursue this option. The admissions office should not consider legacy status as a criterion for admittance.

Poetry Shop
In The Meantime

Out for a Chat with Grolier's Poet-Philosopher

As a freshman, I would wander past Grolier, always telling myself that next time, I would go in. I went once, but without any idea what I should be looking for, I did not buy anything. Poetry seemed so removed from my life experience. Had I said all this to Ifeanyi Menkiti—philosophy professor at Wellesley College, poet, and Grolier’s owner since 2006—he probably would have objected. His work in literature and philosophy functions on the belief that, beyond their intellectual richness, they are relevant to the world in ways outside of the aesthetic.


That One Time I Was A Rock Star

The crowd was flush against the stage, close enough for our conductor to crowd surf, should he have chosen to do so.

For The Moment

What They’ll Be Saying About Our Food

At the 375th, descriptions written by representatives from The Food Literacy Project flanked each of the featured food items. HUDS will likely continue this tradition at Harvard’s subsequent birthday parties, so to make the lives of future FLP representatives a little easier, FM would like to offer our take on some dishes du jour.

Op Eds

I’m a Senior

But right now, Harvard institutions—and we seniors—should be less concerned with graduating than with the time we have left. College is a unique experience; we ought not be so ready to leave that we waste it

Summer Postcards 2011

A First Course in Cuba

When the check came, Carlota started to say something to me, which I didn’t fully hear, or maybe just didn’t understand. All I heard was—"para nosotros." For us.

Bloomsday: Midterms

Midterm Mayhem

The week before spring break of this semester, I had a lot to do: Monday, paper due, Tuesday, paper due, ...


I Wanna Be Rebecca Black


The TFA Party

TFA does not deserve nearly as much flack at it gets from conscientious objectors.