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To the Class of 2023: On Self-Censorship

To express yourself fully means to fashion your own identity. And to do that, the danger of being offended in your identity becomes a vital point: You must be free both to take offense when you are disrespected and to give offense when your own identity demands it.


Letter to the Editor: On the replacement of the House Master title

To aid in the furious thinking going on in the administration for a name to replace "Master" of a House, I would like to propose a College competition to decide a suitable replacement.

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It is the job of the humanities to make non-science into something positive that could be called human in the best sense.

Bush's Determination and the Rule of Law

Every once in a while I feel obliged to do my alma mater Fair Harvard a favor by showing the

The Cost of Affirmative Action

In the Government Department where I happily reside at Harvard, there are about 50 professors and about three conservatives. In