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City Politics

Flat Tires: How A Divisive Debate Over Cambridge Bike Lanes Left Everyone Unsatisfied

As construction slowly moves forward on bike lanes, the physical separation on a growing number of Cambridge streets has come to represent a bitter division in the city’s politics — and many in the city are at a loss for how it can be bridged.

GSC Elections
Student Life

GSAS Student Council Continues Board Nominations, Discusses Transportation Issues

The Harvard GSAS Student Council continued nominations for unfilled board positions, reviewed motions for constitutional amendments, and discussed transportation accessibility at its final meeting of the academic year.

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Cambridge City Council

In 5-4 Vote, Cambridge City Council Approves Controversial Bike Lane Delay

The Cambridge City Council narrowly approved a controversial proposal to delay a construction deadline for Cambridge’s bike lane network early Tuesday morning.

Cambridge Mayor E. Denise Simmons at Cambridge City Council Meeting
City Politics

Cambridge Mayor E. Denise Simmons Urges Caution Against Bike Lane Expansion

Cambridge Mayor E. Denise Simmons cautioned against the rapid expansion of bike lanes at the expense of small businesses and senior citizens.

One Bus to Harvard at Widener Gate
City Politics

Fare-Free Route 1 Bus Proposal Unlikely Until Fiscal Year 2026, City Official Says

A proposal to make the Route 1 bus fare free championed by Cambridge city councilors is likely off the table until fiscal year 2026, a city official said in a Wednesday memo.

Harvard Medical School Quadrangle

HGC Proposes Resolution to Extend Van Services to Longwood Following Student Complaints

The Harvard Graduate Council proposed a resolution at a Monday night meeting requesting the University provide van service to Longwood after several students at Harvard Medical School complained about transportation accessibility issues.

Allston Labworks at 250 Western Avenue

Flood of Western Avenue Development Raises Questions About Allston’s Future

Seven buildings — three of them laboratory and office space and four residential — are currently planned or under construction on Western Avenue.

One Bus to Harvard at Widener Gate
Cambridge City Council

Cambridge City Council Takes Next Step in Pilot Program to Make MBTA Bus Route 1 Fare-Free

The Cambridge City Council unanimously passed a policy order on Monday asking City Manager Yi-An Huang ’05 to work with the MBTA and the City of Boston to implement a fare-free Route 1 bus program.

Cambridge City Council

Housing, Transit Top of Mind as City Looks to Alewife’s Future

As new developments lead to a growth in Alewife’s population, residents and advocates are left wondering how to accommodate more riders on an already-strained transportation system.

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Middlesex Superior Court Rules for Cambridge in Bike Lane Lawsuit

A state judge allowed the City of Cambridge’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the city’s bicycle lane expansion as illegal on Monday.

Harvard Red Line Station Charlie Card Machines
City Politics

Harvard Grad Council to Co-Author Bill Subsidizing Grad Student MBTA Fares

The Harvard Graduate Council passed a resolution to co-author a bill reducing MBTA fares for graduate students in Massachusetts in partnership with State Representative Mike L. Connolly and the Boston Graduate Federation at a meeting Monday night.

Harvard Red Line Station Charlie Card Machines
Student Life

‘Please Add Them’: Students Report Issues With Using HUIDs as CharlieCards

Harvard University undergraduate IDs are supposed to work as CharlieCards for the MBTA. But some Harvard students have reported issues with the system.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) - Lehman Hall

Graduate Student HUIDs Will Work as CharlieCards Starting July 1

Harvard IDs belonging to students at any of Harvard’s 12 graduate schools will function as MBTA CharlieCards starting on July 1, according to Brett Monson, president of the Harvard Graduate Council.

The "T" Red Line Car

After Dozens of Partial Shutdowns, MBTA Red Line Still Slower Than When Repairs Began

After MBTA launched its online slow zone tracker in March, the Red Line’s total slow zone time has not decreased from February, but increased.

Harvard Square T-Station
Harvard Square

MBTA Ceiling Panel Falls and Nearly Strikes Rider, Prompting System-Wide Inspection

After a ceiling panel fell and nearly hit a rider at the Harvard Square station on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s Red Line Wednesday afternoon, the transit system began an audit of all similar panels on Friday.