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Amy Chua smiles at a reader's positive response to her memoir, The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, during a question and answer session before her book signing at The Harvard Bookstore.

Harvard in the City

Outings & Innings Extends Discounts to Harvard Students

Although Boston is only a short T-ride away from the Square, most Harvard students rarely visit our neighbors across the River. While the Square offers an abundance of activities, there is still a whole world—or at least an easily accessible city—out there to explore.



Otto’s Pizza emloyee Tyler Stratton explains the different varieties of pizza available for purchase by the slice. Slices cost three dollars and feature toppings such as three-cheese tortellini and butternut squash, ricotta, and cranberry.

Harvard in the World

Moscow Bombing Reawakens Fears

In the wake of an explosion in Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport yesterday that killed an estimated 35 people and injured 180 others, some Russian students and experts at Harvard recalled the ongoing violence that has plagued Russia.


Liberals vs. the Constitution

To inaugurate the 112th Congress, Republicans reintroduced liberals to something they seem to have long ago forgotten: the Constitution.

Off Campus

Letter From (the Other) Cambridge: Wills and Kate

People look to the story of Kate and William as one of hope and endless potential.

Student Life

Check Out Independent Activities Period at MIT

Harvard is pretty sleepy during J-term—the undergraduate population shrinks by more than 80 percent, many of the students who remain on campus are holed up in their rooms writing theses, and even those who aren’t hard at work are banned from holding parties or hosting guests. But just down the river, MIT is an exciting place to be during the first month of the year.