Harvard Yard

Downed Tree Limb in Harvard Yard

Large Tree Branch Falls on Footpath in Harvard Yard, Narrowly Avoids Pedestrians

A large limb fell from an American elm in Harvard’s Old Yard at roughly 8 p.m. Saturday, startling students and tourists walking through the area.

Harvard Yard Closed to Public

Harvard Yard Reopened to the Public for First Time in 6 Weeks

Harvard Yard reopened Wednesday for the first time in six weeks since it was first closed to the public in April for a pro-Palestine encampment that occupied the campus for 20 days.

Columbia Professor Shai Davidai at Johnston Gate

Columbia Professor Shai Davidai Says Harvard Failed to Protect Jewish Students at Monday Counterprotest

Columbia Business School professor Shai Davidai accused Harvard of failing to protect its Jewish and Israeli students in a Monday afternoon counterprotest outside Johnston Gate.

Harvard Yard Encampment Packs Up Morning of May 14

FAS Dean Hopi Hoekstra Takes Victory Lap After Peaceful End to Harvard Yard Encampment

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Hopi E. Hoekstra praised interim University President Alan M. Garber ’76 for his handling of the pro-Palestine encampment and called for “true and meaningful dialogue” in her first public statement about the nearly three-week occupation of Harvard Yard that ended Tuesday morning.

Sun Rises over Encampment on May 13
Central Administration

As Commencement Looms, Garber and the Harvard Encampment Protesters Are Running Out of Time

The pro-Palestine protesters staging an encampment in Harvard Yard and interim University President Alan M. Garber ’76 are at a standstill — and they are both running out of time to wait the other out.

Protesters Pack Up Encampment

Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine Ends Harvard Yard Encampment

Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine announced early Tuesday morning that it would peacefully end the encampment in Harvard Yard, bringing an anticlimactic end to Harvard’s most high-profile pro-Palestine protest this year and paving the way for Commencement to proceed as planned.​​​​​​​

Harvard Yard Encampment Packs Up Morning of May 14
Central Administration

Garber Says He Will Encourage Involuntary Leave Reinstatement as Harvard Yard Encampment Ends

Twenty-one days after the pro-Palestine occupation of Harvard Yard began, interim Harvard President Alan M. Garber ’76 was able to do what presidents at more than 60 other universities could not: end the demonstration without the police or major concessions to the protesters.

CPD at Johnston Gate Palestine Sit-in

Police Say Harvard Affiliates Likely Cut Johnston Gate Lock During Saturday Protest

Harvard affiliates used bolt cutters to cut a lock securing Johnston Gate in an attempt to allow roughly 150 protesters access to Harvard Yard for a Saturday afternoon protest, the Harvard University Police Department said Sunday.

Harvard Yard Encampment in front of Massachusetts Hall
Harvard Yard

Harvard Yard Encampment in front of Massachusetts Hall

Encampment Barriers
Central Administration

More Than 180 Harvard Faculty Sign Letter Urging Garber to End Pro-Palestine Encampment

More than 180 Harvard faculty urged interim University President Alan M. Garber ’76 and interim Provost John F. Manning ’82 to end the pro-Palestine encampment in Harvard Yard in an open letter.

Harvard Yard Encampment Leave of Absence Rally
College Administration

Protesters Rally Against Involuntary Leave, Rename Harvard Yard Buildings Amid Move-Out

More than 200 Harvard affiliates rallied in Harvard Yard on Friday to protest the University’s decision to place 20 students on involuntary leave for participating in the pro-Palestine encampment.​​​​​​​

Harvard University Police Outside Widener Gate to Harvard Yard

Police Observed 2 College Students ‘Passing Supplies’ Over Harvard Yard Gate

Cambridge Police Department officers observed two Harvard undergraduates “passing supplies” from a vehicle to individuals who had climbed over the Harvard Yard fence Monday night.

HOOP Rally Down Church Street

Protesters Won’t Say if Harvard Encampment Will Continue as Garber Threatens Major Disciplinary Action

Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine — the unrecognized student group organizing the Harvard Yard encampment — did not say whether the occupation will continue during a press conference Monday evening.​​​​​​​

Encampment Day 8 Rally

Pro-Palestine Protesters Rally for Rafah, in Support of Arrested Columbia Demonstrators

More than 200 pro-Palestine demonstrators protested in solidarity with demonstrators at Columbia University at a Wednesday afternoon rally at the Harvard Yard encampment.

Matthews Hall

Freshmen Say Noise From Harvard Yard Encampment Not Disruptive, Despite DSO Email

Despite administrators saying that noise from the pro-Palestine encampment has “disrupted” freshmen living spaces, many students who live in adjacent dorm buildings said the weeklong protest has not been a disturbance.