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Endowment Returns FY 2017

Harvard to Pay 'Unprecedented' Endowment Tax

An endowment tax like the one included in Congress's new tax plan—passed Wednesday—would likely have cost Harvard $43 million in fiscal year 2017.

Fundraiser for Ben Abercrombie

Harvard Affiliates Raise $27,000 for Injured Football Freshman

Over 2,000 Harvard affiliates stopped by El Jefe’s Taqueria Tuesday to participate in a fundraiser for a freshman football player who remains paralyzed after suffering a serious injury.

Capitol Building
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Republican Legislation Could Prevent Harvard from Enforcing Sanctions

Harvard could be prevented from enforcing its sanctions on members of single-gender social groups under a measure included in amended legislation proposed by Republicans in the House of Representatives.

To Serve Better Thy Country
Drew Faust

Faust Names GOP Tax Plan Top Lobbying Priority

Faust is making the fight against the Republican tax plan her “priority focus,” reaching out to lawmakers and Harvard alumni in conservative states to combat the bill’s most “dangerous” proposals.

Fenway Park

Harvard to Host Tailgates Near Fenway Next Year

Scalise said Harvard may still host tailgates on campus as a fallback, adding he believes tailgates closer to the park will encourage more fans to attend the Game.

Owl Club
College Administration

Corporation Votes to Keep May 2016 Social Group Policy

The College’s penalties on members of single-gender final clubs and Greek organizations will remain in effect after the Harvard Corporation voted to keep the policy unchanged on Monday.

Calipari Flow
Men's Basketball

Second Half Surge Pushes No. 7 Kentucky Past Men's Basketball, 79-70

Despite a strong first half that kept Harvard toe-to-toe with Kentucky, a string of turnovers, combined with a 17-2 run from the Wildcats midway through the second half proved to be the nail in the coffin for the Crimson at Rupp Arena on Saturday afternoon.

Harry Lewis

Lewis Unsure if He Will Continue Fighting Sanctions

“I am going to wait and see what happens before I decide what to do,” former Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis ’68 said.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston - HMC Office
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Harvard Moves to Outsource Real Estate Management to Bain Capital

Bain would hire roughly 20 people from HMC and become the money manager for Harvard’s real estate investments.

Smith Center Construction
Smith Campus Center

Harvard Proposes Extended Hours for Smith Center Construction

If approved, construction will continue from 6 p.m. to midnight.

Yale Bowl
Student Life

Harvard-Yale 2017: Seen from the Sidelines

In photos: Even as the score turned in the Bulldogs' favor, school spirit remained strong on the sidelines and in the stands of the Yale Bowl.

Harvard Fan

Heightened Security Measures Complicate Harvard-Yale Tailgates

Security measures at the Yale Bowl created long lines, choking off attendance at tailgates and the game before Yale officials ultimately relented on the stricter measures.


Yale Smothers Football, 24-3, for First Outright Title in 37 Years

The Bulldogs held the Crimson to 26 rushing yards and scored touchdowns on all three red-zone trips. That performance gave Yale an unshared crown for the first time in 37 years.

Zhang and Boucher
Undergraduate Council

Zhang, Boucher Win UC Election with 55 Percent of Vote

Catherine L. Zhang ’19 and Nicholas D. Boucher ’19 will lead the Undergraduate Council next year after winning 55 percent of first-choice votes.

A Multitude of Hats

Cashing In On Crimson

From nonprofit workshops to lucrative college consulting businesses, here's the story of how organizations leverage the Harvard brand to advance their interests.