A Conversation with Former Senator Tim Wirth

FM sat down with the former Senator of Colorado Tim Wirth '61 to chat about politics, Harvard life, Gov 1310, and of course, Hillary Clinton.

Neil Gaiman 8Q

Neil Gaiman 8Q

Neil Gaiman



Neil Gaiman 8Q

7 Questions with Neil Gaiman

Near the end of his guest lecture in Folklore and Mythology 90i, Neil Gaiman informs the students that he doesn’t like doing interviews because it takes up time he could be using to work on a story, write a screenplay, or author a graphic novel. My gut drops when I then introduce myself as the reporter who’s going to prevent him from writing for the next half-hour. He smiles and shrugs, “We ought to get started then.”

Harvard Square

Mapping Our Cities: A Conversation with Becky Cooper '10

I realized that those maps, in series, told an interesting story about my life that summer. They told an interesting story of the city. In some ways, it was a more honest story than the one I was building [for my boss] because it was celebrating the subjectivity of the mapmaker. Those two realizations, coupled with my having read Italo Calvino’s “Invisible Cities” the year before, grew into this: I wanted to give really small, limited maps to as many New Yorkers as possible and have them map their New Yorks. And then, in series, have a New York emerge from there.

Mira Nair

The Fundamental Mira Nair

“I wanted to recomplicate what is so reductive, what has been so reductive and so simple: the bad guys and the good guys,” filmmaker Mira Nair ’79 says. I’m sitting with Nair and two other journalists in a conference room at the Charles Hotel, discussing Nair’s new film, “The Reluctant Fundamentalist,” which comes out in May. “I wanted very much to have that complexity of the human being in both characters—not just two countries, not two flags, but two real people.”

Student Life

Thinking Outside the Solo Cup

On Harvard’s campus, as on those of other colleges, alcohol is by all accounts accessible and abundant. A red Solo cup is a ubiquitous accessory to many social events. Yet despite the presence of alcohol on campus, a number of Harvard students choose not to drink. For many of these students, this decision is based on a variety of personal factors, all challenging the assumption that social life in college necessarily involves alcohol.


10 Questions with Benjamin B. Ferencz

On April 10, Ferencz returned to Harvard. “Tell me your problems,” Ferencz says to me, trying to distract me from the impending interview. I tell him that I have none, that I want to hear his story. The interview begins before Ferencz can sneak back into the servery for dessert.

Jon Huntsman, Jr.

7 Questions with Jon Huntsman

Ultimately the marketplace will decide whether there’s a need for a third party.

On Campus

15 Questions with Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander, the “Seinfeld” star and Tony Award-winning Broadway actor, wears a beige tweed coat low on his shoulders and speaks with a confidence that seems worlds away from his notorious television alter-ego, George Costanza. His teenage son, who accompanied him on the trip, chats with a few Folklore and Mythology professors in the adjacent room. They later tell us that our laughs were impressively loud coming through the Warren House’s burly 19th century walls.

Scrutiny: Nowinski

Concussed: Down and Out

Chris J. Nowinski ’00 was never supposed to be on the sidelines. As a Crimson linebacker and later a WWE wrestler, Nowinski threw mind and body into his opponents to send them to the ground. Now, 10 years later, his life is dedicated to protecting players from the sports he loved.


5 Questions With Matt Birk

Matt R. Birk ’98 was the starting center for the Super Bowl XLVII Champion Baltimore Ravens. The Harvard graduate and economics concentrator has received multiple athletic honors. He was an All-Ivy League player at Harvard, a two-time NFL All-Pro and six-time Pro Bowler, and recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award and Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. FM spoke with Birk about his success on and off the field shortly after he won his first Super Bowl in New Orleans this past February.

Student Life

Dubstep: Classical Style

Name your favorite dubstep song (Skillrex? Avicii?) and Kristina S. Hu ’16 can instantly turn it into a classical piano ...

House Life

An E-Mail Conversation with Winthrop House administrator Joanna G. Miller

FM heard from Winthrop House administrator Joanna G. Miller about the housing process.


Out to Lunch with Harry G. Gray (The MAC Guy)

“Excuse me, miss,” says Harry G. Gray, as an undergrad with a bulky backpack hurtles past him in the Quincy dining hall servery. Gray’s emphasis on etiquette might seem eccentric, but old-fashioned manners and general goodwill are routine, the man you may know as “That Nice Guy Who Swipes You in at the MAC.”