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Boston Ballet’s ‘MINDscape’: The Fusion of Classical and Contemporary

These exciting contemporary works not only captivated the audience with their novelty, but also with their revolutionary fusion of classical and contemporary elements in ballet.

Eleganza Still
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The Revolution: Eleganza Returns to Harvard’s Campus

On Saturday, April 23, students made the trek across the Charles River to the Bright-Landry Hockey Center to witness what at this point is more lore than anything else: the first live Eleganza performance since 2019.

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Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Review: A Triumphant Return to the Stage

The dancers were triumphant in their return to the stage, crafting a performance that was equally dynamic, technical, and enchanting.

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Stars On Ice Review: Figure Skating Experts Dazzle in Boston

With a mix of both individual, pair, and group performances, the show was a theatrical spectacle of bright lights, mash-ups of hit songs, and mystifying on-ice stunts.

Piedmont Shadow Box Still
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Cultivating Public Art in Cambridge: Piedmont’s Shadow Box

Every inch of Harvard Square must be utilized for small businesses to remain profitable. Within this bustling, commercial zone of Cambridge, however, there lies a hidden gem: A small place for public art.

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Spanish 150 Students Curate Exhibit on Migration in Boylston Hall

The exhibit attempts to parse through the perpetual “bombardment of images” we consume regarding migration, according to Raquel Vega-Durán, who chairs the Faculty Advisory Committee for Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights.

Hutchins Center Eugenics Conference

‘Allowing Blackness to Thrive’: Black Arts Collective Holds Inaugural Mixer Featuring Tracy K. Smith ’94

The Black Arts Collective, a new undergraduate organization dedicated to Black artistry at Harvard, showcased student performers at its inaugural mixer Friday.

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‘A Circle Around Your Thoughts:’ Immersive Klimt Exhibition Debuts in Boston

“We don’t want to make it always look like we’re going for the easy, shot-over-the-left-field-wall. Sometimes you want to do something more difficult, which Klimt is.”

River Charles Ensemble Still
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The Small But Mighty: The River Charles Ensemble Takes the Stage

Despite consisting of only eight Harvard college students, the River Charles Ensemble’s  powerful instrumental melody reverberated throughout the entirety of Paine Hall on April 16 as they celebrated their 10-year anniversary with a spring concert.

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Artist Profile: Max Scherr ’21 Navigates the Industry as a Young Filmmaker

The film industry is notoriously hard to break into, particularly without a connection to open the door. Yet every few years a newcomer stuns the industry with their fresh ideas and unique perspective. Recent graduate Max Scherr ’21 hopes to be the next.

See Hye Han and Haley Schwan in "DREAMstate"
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‘DREAMstate’ Review: Boston Ballet Explores the Liminal

Boston Ballet's "DREAMstate" featured a triple bill of three stunning contemporary ballets: George Balanchine’s 1976 ballet “Chaconne,” Stephen Galloway’s world premiere DEVIL’S/eye, and Jiří Kylián’s 1996 “Bella Figura.”

"The Just and the Blind" Still
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‘The Just and the Blind’ Review: A Display of Art as Resistance

Shakur’s words remind us that throughout the history of Black subjugation and oppression, the ability of love to persevere within communities was an act of resistance, and the fostering of something beautiful against all odds.

Lady Gaga Portrait
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Cultural Rhythms: Back and Here to Stay for the 36th Year in a Row

The extravagant showcase of culturally diverse individual and group student performances has become the largest event that the Foundation plans each year alongside smaller initiatives like dialogues and peer-to-peer workshops promoting equity and inclusion.

Harvard Pops Orchestra Still
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‘Pops and the Island of Misfit Professors’ Review: An Exhilarating Musical Adventure

In addition to acting and a setlist that includes movie soundtracks, classical pieces, musical theater, and funk rock, Pops shines in its comedic timing.

Radcliffe Institute Still
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The Radcliffe Institute Invites Laughter and Introspection at ‘To Laugh Is Your Only Job’

“This event represents an institutional shift in the focus that gender and comedy is getting on campus and how that might disseminate outwards to the greater comedy scene.”