Campus Arts

Bella Figura
On Campus

The Boston Ballet ‘Spring Experience’: Saving the Best for Last

Boston Ballet’s “Spring Experience” offered viewers a beautiful, cohesive, and original show with both traditional and contemporary choreographic styles.

Alvin Ailey Still 5
On Campus

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Review: Mortality-Defying Movement

Alvin Ailey served as a reminder that good art can evoke synesthesia — the audience could see music, hear emotion, and feel color.

Bach Society Orchestra Season Finale Concert
On Campus

From the Galaxy to the Forest: Bach Society Orchestra’s 2024 Season Finale

From the classic Beethoven to the contemporary student compositions, the Bach Society Orchestra made sure to show the versatility of their music.

Hilary Hahn BSO
On Campus

An Evening of Elegance and Expression: Hilary Hahn Shines with the BSO

Hearing such a renowned violinist perform live in Boston with the BSO was truly a memorable experience.

Dress UP MFA
Visual Arts

‘Dress Up’ Review: Unraveling the Many Layers of Fashion and Identity

“Dress Up” at the MFA Boston is an innovative navigation of the versatility and ubiquity of fashion.

Yo-Yo Ma and Kathryn Stott

A Farewell Symphony: Yo-Yo Ma and Kathryn Stott’s Last Duet at Boston Symphony Hall

Yo-Yo Ma and Kathryn Stott graced the stage together for one final collaboration, the end of an era of profound musical partnership.

Xavier Cortada
Visual Arts

Rising Tides and Raising Awareness: Xavier Cortada and His Public Art Initiative ‘The Underwater’

“The Underwater” — which has already reached numerous schools, parks, and more — is Cortada's personal endeavor to “build a more equitable tomorrow.”

Merritt More
On Campus

Artist Profile: Dr. Merritt A. Moore ’10-’11 on Art, Science, and Saying ‘Yes’ to Both

Dr. Merritt A. Moore ’10-’11 excels at many things — particularly at saying “yes.”

On Campus

From Paella to Tofu: IGP’s Player of the Year Show with Jason Mantzoukas

This year’s POTY with Jason Mantzoukas was not only full of laughter, but also a testament to IGP’s commitment to a good show.

'Hallyu! The Korean wave' Install
On Campus

‘Hallyu! The Korean Wave’ Review: A Captivating Glimpse into the Rise of South Korean Popular Culture

“Hallyu! The Korean Wave” at the MFA Boston is a great entry point into illuminating the growth of the South Korean entertainment industry.

Visual Arts

WNDR in Photos

Take a look at some of the diverse, one-of-a-kind installations WNDR has to offer on its mission to disrupt and transform the traditional museum experience.

Firelei Báez, 'A Drexcyen chronocommons (To win the war you fought it sideways)'
On Campus

‘Firelei Báez’ Review: Explosive Color and Cutting Commentary

The ICA’s newly opened survey exhibition is an absolute must-see for any museumgoer of any background.

On Campus

WNDR Boston: An Immersive, Interactive, and Innovative Experience

Reinventing the museum space, WNDR creatively facilitates a multi-sensory, intimate interaction between the visitors and the artworks.

On Campus

Graduate School of Design ‘Forest Futures’ Review: A Jungle of Design

In line with the exhibition’s goal, many installations strike an incredible balance between the implicit chaos of nature and the recognizable order of design.

'A Female Landscape and the Abstract Gesture'
On Campus

Deconstruction and Reconstruction: Chassidy A. Winestock and Maren Hassinger on ‘A Female Landscape and the Abstract Gesture’

In an event held in person and virtually on March 7, artist Maren Hassinger joined Winestock for a special conversation about the exhibition.