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Harvard Will Have to Cover Own Legal Fees From Anti-Affirmative Action Case, First Circuit Rules

A month after the Supreme Court ruled against Harvard and effectively struck down affirmative action in higher education admissions, the University was dealt another legal blow — this time, to its pocketbook.

Harvard Students at Affirmative Action Rally in Yard

‘This Is What Diversity Looks Like’: Harvard Students Rally in Support of Affirmative Action After Supreme Court Ruling

Harvard students and onlookers rallied in support of affirmative action Saturday afternoon following the Supreme Court’s decision severely restricting the consideration of race in higher education admissions.

SFFA Founder Edward J. Blum

Students for Fair Admissions, Allies Celebrate End of Affirmative Action

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling severely restricting affirmative action in higher education admissions, anti-affirmative action group Students for Fair Admissions praised the Court’s decision at a press conference in Washington Thursday afternoon.

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In Fiery Dissents, Justices Sotomayor and Jackson Rebuke Affirmative Action Ruling

Supreme Court Associate Justices Sonia M. Sotomayor and Ketanji Brown Jackson ’92 fiercely dissented from the Supreme Court’s decision to dramatically limit the use of race in college admissions Thursday.

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‘A Gut Punch’: Harvard Students Condemn Supreme Court Decision Striking Down Affirmative Action

Harvard students widely condemned the Supreme Court’s decision on Thursday to sharply restrict the consideration of race in college admissions, expressing fear and sadness that the ruling is likely to reduce racial diversity at the school.



The Supreme Court effectively struck down race-conscious admissions policies in higher education in a landmark ruling against Harvard Thursday. In this special edition, The Crimson examines the decision, how students and faculty are responding, and its impact on higher education and beyond.

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In Concurrences to Supreme Court Ruling, Thomas, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh Question Benefits of Affirmative Action

Concurrences in Thursday’s Supreme Court decision, which restricted affirmative action in college admissions, further challenged the legal foundations and impacts of race-conscious admissions.


Inside the Decision: Here’s What the Supreme Court Said About Affirmative Action

The Supreme Court ruled against Harvard and the University of North Carolina in a landmark decision Thursday morning, radically restricting the consideration of race in college admissions.

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A ‘Huge Blow’: Harvard Faculty Dismayed With Affirmative Action Ruling

Several Harvard faculty members said they were disappointed — though not surprised — in the hours following the Supreme Court’s Thursday decision to dramatically restrict affirmative action.

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Harvard Reaffirms Commitment to Diversity, Will Abide by Supreme Court Ruling

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision effectively striking down race-conscious admissions, Harvard leadership affirmed the University’s commitment to diversity while declaring it would abide by the ruling.


Deep Within the Anti-Affirmative Action Lawsuit, a Holocaust Denier

“Nobody in the media has been willing to point out the fact that my research was the basis of the lawsuit now before the Supreme Court," Ron K. Unz ’83, the controversial conservative activist cited in the Students for Fair Admissions’ lawsuit against Harvard, said.


Here’s What You Need to Know Ahead of the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Affirmative Action

In the coming days, the Supreme Court is expected to strike down affirmative action in higher education in a pair of cases Students for Fair Admissions filed against Harvard and the University of North Carolina.

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Ten Stories That Shaped 2022

In 2022, Harvard saw a multitude of transitions. The school finally lifted most of its last Covid-19 mandates and held in-person Commencement ceremonies for not one, not two, but three Harvard College classes. Across the top ranks of Harvard’s leadership, familiar faces exited the stage, including University President Lawrence S. Bacow, who will be succeeded by Claudine Gay, the first person of color and second woman to be named to Harvard’s top post. Here, The Crimson looks back at the 10 stories that shaped 2022 at Harvard.

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Harvard Law Professor Asks Judge to Unseal Sidebars from Admissions Trial

A Harvard Law School professor is asking the federal judge who presided over the high-profile 2018 Harvard admissions trial to release currently-sealed transcripts of courtroom discussions from the proceedings.

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In 84th Supreme Court Appearance, Harvard Lawyer Seth P. Waxman ’73 Commands the Courtroom

Though the court appears poised to strike down affirmative action, legal experts praised Seth P. Waxman’s performance at the lectern, commending his ease and confidence before the bench.