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Harvard Today Nov 14, 2022

Currently looking at my 3 p-sets due tomorrow — HEK, Staff Writer

In the News

Harvard Pledges to Return Hundreds of Native American Hair Samples Housed at Peabody Museum

Harvard’s Peabody Museum on Thursday pledged to return hundreds of hair samples taken from Native American children who were enrolled in government-run schools in the 1930s and apologized for keeping the clippings in its collections.

Seven Harvard Students Selected as Rhodes Scholars from U.S., South Africa

Seven members of Harvard’s Class of 2023 have been selected as Rhodes Scholars to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford.

Harvard Undergraduate Association Allocates $1,000 to Pilot New Turkey Mascot

A new Harvard Undergraduate Association initiative will allocate $1,000 toward piloting the turkey as Harvard’s new mascot in response to a perceived lack of school spirit. The Association voted in favor of the measure during its general meeting in Smith Campus Center’s Isaacson Room Sunday.


13.1 Things I Wish I Knew Before Running the Boston Half Marathon

In September 2022, this Flyby writer made the monumental decision to transcend her lowly status as a NARP by signing up for the Boston Half Marathon. She finished happy and smiling this past Sunday — here are the 13.1 things she had wished she’d known so you also have the tools you need to feel a sense of pure athleticism, testosterone, and moral superiority the next time section kid interrupts you. 

Flyby is Grateful

Whether you’re looking for some casual listening to put yourself in a ~grateful~ mindset, or you just need something to blast in your airpods at Thanksgiving Dinner to tune out that relative who can’t stop talking about her secret casserole recipe, Flyby has you covered. Because, dear reader, we’re grateful for you too—so Thank U (Next). 


A not-so Red wave: Biden and the Democrats Hold onto Power

Many expected the Republican party to dominate the midterms. But the Democrats are set to hold onto control of the Senate after a better-than-expected midterms performance. The Republicans are expected to win back the U.S. House, but their lead will likely be narrow.

Kherson, Ukraine Celebrates the Withdrawal of Russia Despite Damages Done to the City

The people of Kherson, Ukraine,  have taken to the streets to rejoice Russia’s exit from their city, with locals expressing their relief. Despite the celebration, the city faces extensive damage. Kherson is currently without electricity or running water, and is facing supply shortages.