Quirks & Perks

Lowell’s community is known for being incredibly tight-knit and sociable with plenty of unique traditions and events. Lowell Tea, complete with freshly baked goods and freshly brewed tea, is served every Thursday in the Resident Dean’s house, and during the spring semester, Lowell residents give speeches during dinner. In addition to the friendly residents and staff, there’s a multitude of cute pets and kids. Five dogs and a rabbit live in the House (pictured on Instagram @dogsoflowell), and time to time, you’ll also spot some of the adorable children of the House faculty wandering around.

Lowell’s graduation doesn’t stop the community either: “There's so many really cool high level people in the Lowell network who just come and hang out and attend Lowell Tea. You'll see them around the House and not realize that they're insanely famous,” said HoCo co-chair Brammy Rajakumar ’23.


Partying Pagan-style is also popular in Lowell. The Yule Ball is a fancy winter formal to round out the fall semester, and the spring semester brings Mayday celebrations. You can also look forward to Glowell, a glow-in-the-dark rave, which, while not Pagan, is still very vibey, as well as Bacchanalia, a toga party where a Lowell resident dresses up as the Roman god of wine and gives a speech.

Zhang summed up House spirit best: “We’re classy, but we’re extra about it. Yes, we do have a screening room, and yes, we do have high tea. Yes, we do celebrate Pagan rituals.”

Staying Connected

Even in the midst of the pandemic, the Lowell House community is as strong as ever. In addition to weekly entryway study breaks, Rajakumar gushed about the multitude of House events: “We had a wellness event involving pet plants and also real pets… We have watch parties for the Oscars and the Super Bowl. We've tried to keep the traditions going as much as possible.”


On top of all of Lowell’s endless social events, Zhang explained the house also offered Lowell students grants to grab meals and connect to each other during the pandemic, kind of like a Datamatch 2.0 (Lowellmatch?). “[People] would go to Jefes [or] Hong Kong…to just have a cool time and be able to connect to people,” he elaborated. If you’re looking for a House that actively fosters community (or is just willing to sponsor that 1 a.m. burrito craving), then Lowell might just be the place for you.

As for what the class of 2025 has to look forward to, the HoCo Chairs are hopeful for in-person events and new merch. Rajakumar optimistically stated, “Hopefully we'll have all those cool tutor outings and trips to the Arboretum and the museums and Codzilla in person” extending the Lowell community even beyond the Harvard bubble.

All About Housing

Never fear: Lowell’s housing stands up to the rave reviews. Zhang notes that Lowell has a variety of “pretty decently large” accommodations. The types of rooms can vary from from two-floor duplex suites for larger blocking groups to hallway *singles*!

As for other features, the iconic Lowell bell tower can’t be forgotten. Zhang, a bell ringer himself, added that there’s an open house every Sunday at 1 p.m. and that it’s tradition to do bell ringing at Halloween at midnight and after Harvard-Yale. Near the bell, there are also some cool study nooks where students can chill and do work.


Residents also love Lowell's variety of basement spaces. “A lot of clubs do events here because our underground lounge is really cool. It's connected to the kitchen that opens up to look a little bit like a bar,” Rajakumar explained to us. So it’s safe to say that if you’re lucky enough to get Lowell, you won’t have to venture far.

Finally, rumor has it (aka according to the HoCo chairs), there’s a secret laundry room in the basement in addition to the one everyone normally uses. So, if you can find it (and keep it to yourself), your laundry wait-times substantially decrease! ;)

Your Questions, Answered

Still curious about Lowell? We sat down with the House’s HoCo chairs to ask them the hard-hitting questions.

What fruit would Lowell House be, and why?

BR: I think passion fruit.

JZZ: We're poppy and flair-y on the outside, but inside, we’re just as spicy and zesty.


What side of Tiktok would Lowell House be on?

JZZ: Oh, it would be definitely the musical TikTok. Literally it would have “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” nonstop… oh no, this is it. We would be on the Ratatouille Tiktok, when they made the whole Ratatouille musical from scratch.

If you could describe Lowell with a HUDS dish, which dish would it be?

BR: The tiramisu… Sweet, kind. Bougie. Always there for you when you need it most… Layered.

Be honest. Are the bells annoying?

JZZ: Sophomore year, I decided, “Do I want to ring on others or be rung at?” And I was like, I'd rather ring on others. But in all fairness, I've had people complain to me like, “Oh my God, you woke me up from my sleep!” And it's 1p.m. on a Sunday. What are you doing still asleep?

BR: [The bells] are really cute. I think they're a cool tradition. And I think they make me feel bougie as an individual in this world today, so that's all that matters.


What is the main thing you want first years who get Lowell to look forward to?

JZZ: I mean for two years in a row, we were the undisputed best house. So there is everything to look forward to.

BR: Great location. Literally amazing faculty deans and resident tutors. Gorgeous house. Perfect location. Lots of cute puppies.

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