{shortcode-d0c9d273fab183eb3d4eabaec60788e8c8abfb0c}This week, as the pre-Thanksgiving break assignments pile up and the sky fades into a daunting darkness before dinnertime, only one thing manages to pierce through the clouds of students’ burnout and exhaustion: a rowdy anticipation for the annual Harvard-Yale football game.

On H-Y eve, a strange phenomenon graces this small liberal arts school in New England: we transform into a student body with spirit, flair, and an undying interest in athletics. In effect, we become unrecognizable, channeling the most spontaneous and *gasp* fun versions of ourselves for one weekend of the year.

So, here’s an in/out list to remind everyone to make some questionable (but tasteful) choices this H-Y weekend. Have a fantastic time and #rollcrim.


  • The enemies-to-lovers arc

  • Waking up at the crack of dawn (for unhinged purposes only)

  • Sleeping on the floor (queue The Lumineers)

  • Selling your ticket to the highest bidder (rip Yale)

  • Getting posted on Dean Khurana’s instagram (the ultimate win)

  • The buddy system

  • Practicality (it’s 35 degrees — you can only look so presentable)

  • Our team’s running game (idk what this means, but a Crimson Sports editor told me to add this)

  • Pretending we’ve won no matter the outcome

  • Bringing your own toilet paper (BYOTP)

  • Experimenting (make of this what you will)

  • Hot breakfast


  • Actually going to the game

  • Rain (I’m manifesting)

  • Calling Yale a safety school (cringe and pretentious, sorry)

  • Opening your computer at any point during the weekend

  • Facepaint (never looks as cool as you think it does)

  • Mansplaining what a touchdown is

  • TGMOs (tailgate make-outs)

  • Dehydration!!

  • The term “Yalies” (makes me sick)

  • Dangerously intoxicated alumni

  • Having a mascot (lame and overdone — and the new turkey mascot debut cannot convince me otherwise)

  • Assigned seats in the stadium