{shortcode-517ac8bb422ad9a2d78058e520b147dcae20c601}We love HUDS. We really do. But sometimes you want to make yourself a home-cooked meal. Living in a dorm room can make this kind of hard, but my suitemates and I (ok, mainly my suitemates) set out to try to make some nontraditional college student meals. All we needed were a few shopping trips to Berg and Trader Joe’s and our very own micro-fridges. Here are some dishes you could whip up in the comfort of your Harvard dorm room:

Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is a funky breakfast alternative to overnight oats, and it’s pretty simple and very nutritious. You’ll need to mix together chia seeds, honey, and almond/coconut/oat milk (plant-based milk will make the chia pudding creamier) in a mason jar, stir it well and place it in the fridge. Once the mixture is done chilling in the fridge overnight, plop some fresh berries in the jar and enjoy!


Ceviche is fresh fish cooked in citrus juices, and when we made it, it was way tastier than I expected it to be. To make this, you and your suitemates can pop over to TJs, buy some cod, limes, onion, tomato, avocado, and cilantro. Back in your dorm, after cutting up the cod, onion, and tomato into little pieces, pour lots of lime juice over the mixture, add some HUDS salt, and let it sit in the fridge overnight. Once it’s ready, chop up some cilantro and avocado, sprinkle over the fish mixture, and serve the ceviche with some crunchy tortilla chips. This could make for a stand-alone meal or a much-needed snack between classes (perk of online school: you don’t really have to worry about having bad fish breath).


To finish up the tortilla chips and avocados leftover from your ceviche endeavor, you can make some guacamole. Cut up some ripe avocados, tomatoes, red onion, and mix them all together with some lime juice (the amount of lime juice depends on how citrus-y you would like the guacamole to be). After some time in the fridge (make sure to keep the avocado pits in the container with the guac — they keep the mixture fresh!), add some salt to the dip and that’s it!

Mug Cake

This is the perfect snack or dessert option for a movie night. The easiest way to make mug cake would be to purchase a mug cake mix from your local Target and follow the instructions on how to make it in a microwave. Once the cake is cooked, add a scoop (or two or three) of your-choice-of ice cream, some sprinkles, maybe some caramelized nuts, and a drizzle of caramel syrup to your mug cake and cue up that latest Netflix movie.


There’s always a risk with making pasta in the microwave, but it’s worth it. To do it, put a handful of pasta in a bowl (avoid spaghetti, that would just get messy) and add enough water to cover the noodles. Then, place a plate over the bowl and put it in the microwave for about five 2-minute intervals. Stir in between and cook until the pasta is al dente. As for toppings, you can go with a jarred tomato sauce or some shredded cheese to add that extra *oomph*.

What’s the best part of cooking in your dorm room? You’ve got lots of content for your newest food Instagram account — just make sure to tag @flybyblog ;). Happy cooking!