{shortcode-98412759e2adf3323e7aaf7c7ca6482e08017453}2020 may have been rotten, but it gave us Bridgerton — and doesn’t that make up for everything? We were all already on the couch and in our pajamas when Netflix put out this new show on Christmas day, so it just made sense to binge watch it. And it. Was. Amazing. 1800’s Regency England could not be more different from life today, but what if the Bridgerton cast exchanged their corsets and waistcoats for a crimson hoodie and sweatpants? I’m sure any of the characters would trade in balls, opera performances, gowns, feasts, and strolls through Hyde Park for dhall meals, the fake Cambridge, and its winters. So, fetch some tea and biscuits as we take a gander into which Bridgerton character would be concentrating in what subject.

NOTE: Spoiler ahead! If you’re not caught up to EPISODE 8, read further at your own risk.

{shortcode-40573f2e2b46773ae49a2d4298012ca24a48d6e1}Daphne Bridgerton: Comparative Literature

The most well-spoken and well-mannered character on the show would be a connoisseur of all things literature. She would eloquently and confidently stroll into an early morning class ready to examine Jane Austen or Shakespeare. Her perfectly-coordinated outfits (perhaps she would forgo the gowns for class) would stun those around her.

{shortcode-e6f6ff95be083c81c8a2aa38bf95bf4a75b8889f}Eloise Bridgerton: Economics

Eloise would be an econ snake and overachiever. Curious, feisty, and persistent, she would likely be done with assignments weeks in advance and would have no shame asking several questions in 300+ person online lectures.

{shortcode-85471cc99424d7deddd85222ec9a613a86616108}Simon Basset: History of Art and Architecture

Simon is arguably art himself, so it just makes sense for this to be his chosen concentration. Given that the house he grew up in on the show is a 450-year-old English manor, he would likely have some interesting insights to share in class. He would also be permanently pinned on your Zoom screen.

{shortcode-9d4d5dcb4ad25d0fbee7d745bfdaf17eb2e428b3}Penelope Featherington: Psychology

As a psych concentrator, Penelope, aka Lady Whistledown, would secretly be psychoanalyzing those around her — friends and professors alike — monitoring their social interactions and flirtations during lectures and labs. Her clandestine research would no doubt end up as part of her thesis, in which she would shamelessly spill all the salacious drama about the Harvard community.

{shortcode-cf550aca2962c6915e906b00811318283caded4e}Anthony Bridgerton: Special Concentration

Anthony cannot commit to anything or anyone (like a certain opera singer) on the show, so as a student he would probably struggle to find a suitable concentration. So, he would likely overwhelm himself with too many classes from too many schools and departments and try to fancy them into a special concentration.

Based on the above assessment, all STEM concentrators should probably rethink their fields of study, just in case the Bridgerton characters do show up at the College. In any case, Simon Basset would definitely be the motivation needed to get up for those 9 a.m. classes.