{shortcode-7982276a0ccb6fc6b5852fb48db59b777aa6c5ab}With Halloween coming up, you’re probably wondering how to celebrate on the 31st on campus. COVID-19 is still very much a thing and so are the restrictions placed on students, but take this quiz to figure out how to have a “boo-tiful” (I’m sorry) Halloween despite them.

What’s your go-to Halloween snack?

A) Pop Rocks — Like this bright, popping candy, you like to go crazy during all holidays. You’re outgoing and are always looking for a good time and to catch people’s attention.

B) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups — A classic choice of candy to match your favorite type of evening: a laid back, fun, chill night with friends.

C) M&Ms — This low-effort, affordable snack is easy to toss in your mouth as you lay on the couch. M&Ms are totally your speed: slow and slothsome.

D) I don’t like candy — Um, why? I guess that’s beside the point. You’re the type of person who maybe has an aversion to candy (and parties) or prefers healthier treats (and alone time).

There’s a Halloween party tonight that you just got invited to. What do you go as?

A) Pennywise the clown — No amount of makeup, no extraneous wig, no multi-piece costume is too much for you to put together, even at the last minute.

B) The devil — A red outfit (maybe a cape too) and some red devil horns are a classic choice for you.

C) A Yale student — You would throw on a Yale sweater over your t-shirt (if you can even stand the thought of doing this) and that’s it.

D) No costume — You’d dress up as a sleep-deprived student, maybe with a “this is my costume” t-shirt.

How do you like to decorate for Halloween?

A) Spider webs, gravestones, dangling skeletons, spooky lights, fake blood, inflatable pumpkins. You name it, you’ve got it.

B) A few jack-o-lanterns and string lights (that may have been up since Christmas) in your window.

C) A singular mini pumpkin on your desk.

D) Why bother decorating if you just have to take the decorations down in a couple of days?

What do you carve on a pumpkin?

A) The most intricate design possible.

B) A classic crooked smile.

C) You’d maybe purchase a pumpkin from Trader Joe’s.

D) Needless to say, you have never and will never get a pumpkin for Halloween.

What type of trick-or-treater were you?

A) The aggressive one who ignores all “take one please” signs, grabbing multiple handfuls instead.

B) The rule abider who would wait patiently to receive a treat, would always say thank you, and would always, always, just take one.

C) The shy one who would rarely stray from their older sibling or parent’s side.

D) The one who never trick-or-treated and stayed home and never answered the door for trick-or-treaters.


Mostly As: The Party Animal (No ♥)

You are clearly ready to go all out for Halloween this year, so you may as well head over to BU for a crazy, not-so-socially-distant party. Oh wait, we’re living in a global pandemic. And we get it, maybe you’re looking to forget a pset that’s due or a long week on Zoom, or you want to blow off some steam, but, no. You’ll probably end up on Samyra’s story somehow, or worse.

Mostly Bs: Festive, But Chill

You’ve likely got the spirit and have already decorated your entire dorm room. While respecting Dean Khurana’s reminders about restrictions, grab as much candy as possible from CVS, get a pumpkin or two from Trader Joe’s, line up a hearty selection of Halloween movies, find a bed sheet and a projector, get a group of friends together (again, making sure to follow local guidelines on group size limits), and have yourself a classic, festive celebration outside.

Mostly Cs: Lazy, But Always Up for Free Food

While you’re not super into Halloween on a good year, let alone in 2020, you don’t mind taking part in festivities if you get free candy and an excuse to blow off homework for a night out of the deal. You may consider finding a person who chose “Mostly Bs” to handle the logistics while you get to reap the rewards with minimal effort.

Mostly Ds: The One Who Isn’t Feeling It

In 2020, every day is pretty scary, so what makes the 31st of October so special? Why not stay in your room and go to bed early in protest against Halloween this year? Maybe you can pick up some discount Halloween candy from CVS the day after. Maybe.