In this series, we showcase creative and delicious recipes that can be made using only food found in dining halls.

Dining hall food doesn’t have to be boring. If you're getting tired of HUDS's repetition, there are many creative ways to mix different ingredients together to make more exciting meals.

The Spicy Egg Burger
This particular dish was made only with ingredients from the grille and the sandwich bar, two resources that are always available during lunch and dinner.
{shortcode-794748cef10a04d65a17d11c186d08e821fa3ed6}From the sandwich bar:

From the grille:

Melt the cheese onto the hamburger in the microwave for about ten seconds.

Place all the ingredients on the bun with the over-easy egg on top. Make sure not to break the yolk!

Spread the mayo onto the top bun, and add some Tabasco sauce for spice.

Chili Cheese Fries
This meal is very easy. Look out for any type of fries on the HUDS menu and use a few simple ingredients to make it a bit more exciting!{shortcode-725502380442c719ef1ce768ae644e5e8e0a597c}

From the entrees:
Waffle fries (or any other fries that HUDS might be serving that day)

From the chili station:
Turkey chili
Sour cream
Green onions
Shredded cheddar cheese (sometimes found in the salad bar)

        Pour the chili onto the waffle fries and top it off with cheese, sour cream and green onions!

        Ice Cream Sandwich with Cereal (that doesn’t cost $7)
        You can always count on cookies and soft serve in the dining hall. Why not combine them? Insomnia Cookies has a similar product, but sometimes we don’t want to spend nearly ten dollars on our dessert. Luckily this one is free!

        2 Cookies (chocolate chip, Ranger, Oatmeal raisin, you name it)
        Soft serve (chocolate, vanilla, mango, too many options!)
        A small bowl of cereal (again, so many options!)


            There are so many cookie-ice cream-cereal combinations possible, but this specific creation is made up of two chocolate chip cookies, vanilla soft serve, and crispy rice cereal.

            Place one cookie on the plate, with the bottom facing up.

            Swirl on some vanilla soft serve.

            Place the second cookie on top.

            Roll the side of the ice cream sandwich in the cereal.

            Take a huge bite

            Die of happiness and come back to life to finish eating!

            These are only some of the possibilities that HUDS can offer you. Keep your eyes out for more Delights from Flyby!