In Photos: AADT Horizon


For many years, the Asian American Dance Troupe (AADT) has presented Horizon as its fall semester cultural dance show, uniting students from the Boston Area to celebrate Asian heritage and identity. On Nov. 12, AADT sold out three consecutive shows housed in Lowell Lecture Hall with 15 dances each. In this series of photos, The Crimson relives the rhythms and action of the AADT Horizon.


Horizon began with “Flagship.” Choreographed by Cordelia Yu ’24 and Jeanna Shaw ’24, it was AADT’s traditional ethnic performance. This year’s “Flagship” dance alluded to traditional Chinese dance with fans, flutes, and traditional instruments.



“ON AIR” was a fast-paced hip hop dance that ignited the mood in Lowell Lecture Hall.


Guest performances also included “EXP” from the Harvard Expressions Dance Company (EDC).


“Bad Decisions Getting the Best of Me” was a jazz and ballet-inspired dance that culminated in a burst of energy at the end of the piece as dancers high-kicked in unison.


Hannah Liu ’23 lead the rest of AADT as they reinvisioned life in 1930s Shanghai in “Dawn,” painting a scene of elegance and poise.


“Kids Led Astray” featured the newest k-pop group on campus, and dancers explored the feuds and friendships of being young.


Morgan Lee ’25 and Sho Sho Leigha Ho ’24 choreographed “Revive,” a playful twist on the story of Ophelia and Hamlet.


“We’re Not Stoppin’” had the audience grooving with the music, as dancers on stage showed off their dance moves in fashionable outfits.


AADT Horizons closed with “BEYOND,” a stunning dance that incorporated elements of drama to explore the story and concept of “home.”