{shortcode-63257d8c586a5291dc801bd97d66a0a9cc237659}Ha D.H. Le ’17 is an active Crimson editor and soon-to-be active Arts Chair. Because this Roving Reporter couldn’t come up with a better lede, she will plunge directly into an imagined conversation with current Arts execs on how Le juggles the 732 academic requirements she must fulfill as a biomedical engineering concentrator, the five-hour film screenings she attends weekly for her visual and environmental studies secondary, and the responsibilities of being a Campus Arts exec. (None of these topics will, in fact, be explored in the course of this article.)

Abby L. Noyes ’16, Arts Chair

Roving Reporter: Describe Ha as an alcoholic drink.

AN: The strawberry margarita from Border Café.

RR: Why?

AN: Because it seems sweet and kind of innocuous, so you go for a few rounds, and then a few more, and then the next thing you know you’re waking up on the floor underneath your booth sans pants, covered in pico de gallo, with a two hundred-dollar tab next to you.

RR: Are you speaking from personal experience?

AN: No comment.

Grace E. Huckins ’16, Arts Chair and active Rhodes Scholar

RR: As one of Harvard’s five newly crowned Rhodes Scholars, can you offer any insight into Ha’s future tenure as Arts chair? Preferably from the perspective of a Rhodes Scholar. Harvard has five, just so we’re clear. That’s more than any other school.

GH: What does the Rhodes Scholarship have to do with Ha?

RR: Nothing. The Crimson would just like to emphasize to its readers that Harvard has five Rhodes Scholars, the largest number from any one institution. Yale only has three. Suckers.

Lien E. Le ’17, theater exec and comp director

RR: So are you and Ha sisters?

LL: No.

RR: Cousins?

LL: No.

RR: Not even, like, the removed kind?

LL: No. Well, maybe. My uncle does always talk about the time someone offered him shrooms on the beach in Cancun...

Alan R. Xie, covers exec and comp director

RR: Which one of Ha’s covers is your favorite?

AX: Definitely the Boston Calling issue. I think it’s phenomenal that she managed to figure out anything that guy she interviewed was saying given the crappy phone reception and his indecipherable accent.

RR: Can you show us your best impression?

AX: I’m afraid I can’t—I lost my kilt, my ginger wig, and my list of Scottish stereotypes in the wash yesterday.

Shaun V. Gohel ’18, blog exec

RR: What are you more afraid of: Ha or “Don’t Look Under the Bed,” a horror film so traumatic that it marked the end of Disney’s involvement in the genre?

SG: “Don’t Look Under the Bed”—duh. Ha’s, like, the opposite of scary, and that movie’s, like, the definition of scary. I still check under my bed for the Boogeyman sometimes. Isn’t that a leading question, by the way?

RR: So what if it is?

SG: I just thought you’d know better, since you’re a Campus Arts exec and all.

RR: You wanna go?

SG: I’m just asking, dude.

RR: I think the Arts blog su—


—Victoria Lin is the outgoing Campus Arts exec and incoming Arts Chair. She is the problem child in her partnership with her co-something and Best Friend Ha D.H. Le.