Ten Things to Talk About This Weekend

1. The Winklevi are back and wearing suits similar to the ones that drew Summers’ ire. This time, they’re appearing ...

1. The Winklevi are back and wearing suits similar to the ones that drew Summers’ ire.  This time, they’re appearing in a commercial for Wonderful Pistachios.

2. Hip Hop ... till you drop.  The prospects of REAL Prep Charter Academy—more commonly known as the “Hip Hop Charter School”— aren’t looking so good, despite the fact that it was scheduled to open last Monday. Last year, De La Soul's manager, Troy McNair, was paid $79,000 to design a record-producing curriculum.  Unfortunately, the budget didn’t adequately provide for other things—like desks, textbooks, or completing construction of the school building.

3. Bottoms up: a Harvard research study suggests that moderate alcohol consumption might improve women’s health as they age. Better start now.

4. Pumps or wedges?  Peep-toes or espadrilles?  A new documentary entitled “God Save My Shoes” explores the history of women and their shoes.

5. Forget about Fashion Week—according to our sources, owling is out and batmanning is in.

6. There’s a first time for everything. Next Saturday, learn about medical firsts at Mount Auburn Cemetery and explore the history of medicine as you visit the graves of medical masters.

7. After beating out the world’s best “Jeoporday!” players in February, the IBM Watson computer is moving on. To healthcare, that is. WellPoint Inc, one of America’s largest health insurers, will use the computer to evaluate potential treatments.

8. A University of Calgary professor requires students in his Shakespeare class to tweet questions about the readings. Can Harvard institute response papers of 140 characters or fewer?

9. First online dating, now online praying?  The New York Times reports that online religious communities are rising in popularity. In the past three months, “Jesus Daily” has been “liked” more than any other Facebook page.

10. As the media zeroes in on Republican debates and the faltering economy, Anderson Cooper’s new show “Anderson” promises not to focus on such dull matters.  “In how many places can one find coverage of Real Housewife of Atlanta NeNe Leakes?” he asks.

This story has been revised to reflect the following correction.


The Sept. 15, 2011 article "Ten Things to Talk About This Weekend" said that the group De La Soul was paid $79,000 to design a record-producing curriculum. In fact, according to The Oregonian, REAL Prep Charter Academy paid Troy McNair, the group's brand manager, $79,000 in relation to the curriculum.