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HUDS Closes Doors to Lingering Underclassmen

Underclassmen looking to get their fill of Harvard by sticking around this weekend shouldn’t expect to fill up on food

In Between the Black and White, there’s Crimson

“What’s black and white and red all over?” I quipped, just waiting to deliver the punchline of my third-grade riddle.

Students Drum Up Support

After beating down vandals and Yalies alike, the weathered cowhides of the Harvard band’s eight-foot bass drum finally bowed to

Life is an Ice Cream Cone

It used to be just the little things. Pressing my eight-year-old nose to the cold glass at the ice cream


Quincy Residents Bemoan Crowds

Sparkling after its recent redesign which has subjected it to a surge in popularity, it’s the best of times and

With Finagle’s Forfeit, New Bakery Fills Hole

Continuing what’s becoming a cereal tradition, Harvard University Dining Services (HUDS) will bounce branded Finagle bagels from the menu this

Cafe Pamplona Will Close Doors

Before the green rings of Starbucks lassoed streetcorners around the square, Josefina Yangues oversaw the convergence of coffee and conversation

HUDS Survey Results Guide Changes

Though elections of broader significance may have preoccupied minds this fall, a record number of students did not forget their

Masking Politics on Halloween

Rather than confront the spooky prospect of putting aside their partisanship for Halloween, several students turned to politics for inspiration.

Faculty Exercise More Than Their Minds

Harvard professors are known worldwide for their minds, but after classes end, these bookworms can often be found not in

HUDS Finagles A Bagel Switch

While several students caught on to Harvard University Dining Services (HUDS) switch to generic cereals this year, few seem to

Get Fresh (and Hip!)

These days, not too many philosophy majors go on to mint theories, but two years out of Harvard, philosophy concentrator

Tea’s On Tap At Old Rock Bottom Location

Once a site for grinding barley and hops, 50 Church Street, the former site of the Rock Bottom bar will

Houses To Budget Brain Breaks

Smoothie Nights and Red Sox celebrations could replace stale bagels and picked- over cakes at some Brain Breaks this year,

Cereal Killer

Students who take for granted that a bowl of Cheerios or Cinnamon Toast Crunch tastes the same in the dining