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Miller Shines on Court, Heads for Med School

In a world of identity politics and absolutes, Suzie Miller '99 is pretty sure what she likes. Athletes who get

Of Sally Ride and Final Clubs

For four years I have written for this newspaper, among other publications, and for four years I have endured a

Of Sally Ride and Final Club

For four years I have written for this newspaper, among other publications, and for four years I have endured a

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Harvard writes to my grandmother pretty regularly. She isn't a star academic, although she did attend Temple University and managed

Editorial Notebook

It's a pretty universal experience. Spring eases into Cambridge and students hit the streets in search of summer housing. Last

An Activist Leads RUS

W hen newly-elected Radcliffe Union of Students (RUS) Co-President Amanda (Mia) Bagneris '99 approaches, it's hard to know what you're

Uni-Lu Director Has Trouble Recruiting Volunteers for Holiday Season

Scott C. Seider '99 did not want to be interviewed. Busy organizing students for the University-Lutheran (Uni-Lu) Homeless Shelter's holiday

Stewart, Cohen Pledge to Unite U.C.

One day after narrowly winning the race to lead next year's Undergraduate Council, the incoming student body president and vice-president

License Board Cracks Down on Drinking

The Cambridge License Commission is showing signs that it is cracking down on underage drinking in the city. Last night,

Beacon Hill Ends Session Tonight

BOSTON--As the State Legislature winds down its business tonight, Massachusetts lawmakers are scurrying to pass bills before the busy end

Computer the Big Winner in Citywide Election

Last Tuesday's municipal election inaugurated a new, computerized voting system in Cambridge which, according to candidates and others involved, revolutionized

Radcliffe Mentorships Offer Guidance, Perspectives

The mood was one of excited anticipation as participants in the Radcliffe Mentor Program made their way into the Cronkhite

Organists Are Just Normal People

His Nikes sit, discarded, beside the organ bench, his bag slumped in one of the empty pews of Appleton Chapel,

Technology Permits a Historic First: Instant Vote Results

New voting technology speeded the Cambridge City Council and School Committee elections yesterday, allowing instant result tabulation last night and

City Council, School Committee Election Ballots Cast Today

As the polls for local elections open today, Harvard students may not be rushing to cast their ballots. But last