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Everyone Who Pretended to Like Them Was There

At first, it seems like any other club rock show. Kids, many from Harvard, decked out in the indie uniform


Iliana Montauk ’06, who is also a Crimson Editor: “Orishas’ A Lo Cubano . Partly because it’s not very well

Professor Searches for Aliens

Some professors like to communicate with students—others, with aliens. Physics and Electrical Engineering Professor Paul Horowitz ’65 says he’s convinced

Zebrafish May Provide Clues to Visual Thinking

The zebrafish looks like any other run of the mill aquarium-inhabitant—a small, glittery swimmer suited to the fishbowl world of

Film Review

As the black and white footage rolls, images of a bygone era flash past: signs shouting “Stop the War!” and

Eavesdropping: What Harvard's Playing

“I think one of my favorite albums right now is something that’s pretty classic—The Flying Burrito Brothers, “Farther Along.” I


“[Mieka D. Pauley ’02 is] folksy, she’s got an awesome voice. Her songs seem to fit in well with the

Ian Mok '05


Ian Mok ’05 “OK Computer by Radiohead... This particular album seems wonderfully depressing, if that makes sense... One of my


“[The Wrens] haven’t released an album in seven years—they got screwed over by their record label and have been working


Diary of a Music Addict

Piles of internship applications loom atop my printer. To my right, Russian memoirs and the Bible await reading, while to


Film Buff Haven Celebrates Half-Century of Celluloid

Of Harvard Square’s many byways, few document the passing of time the way Brattle Street does, from the arrival of

For The Moment

Windows to the Square

Many a harried Harvard student hurries by his peers on a day to day basis without so much as a

Food and Drink

Learning From Master Patinkin

He normally graces the stages of Broadway and the Hollywood screen—but last Friday, actor Mandy Patinkin simply relaxed in the

For The Moment

Mano Firme, Corazon Grande

At first glance, Alvaro Uribe Velez and Francisco Santos Calderón hardly seem the perfect pair. While Uribe has been described

In The Meantime

A Department by Any Other Name

On any given Monday morning, kiosks around campus are bombarded with brightly colored posters: the English department extends a cordial