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MARCH TO THE SEA: One Last Chance To Entertain My Fans

There is a lot of drama in this world. There is a lot of sadness. There is a lot of

MARCH TO THE SEA: A Glance Into The Crystal Ball

Time’s a-tickin’ on my tenure at this time-honored institution. Thus, I feel it is my duty to pass on a

MARCH TO THE SEA: Olympics Squad Not My Dream Team

Every four years, I get a treat: The Summer Olympics. Another chance to root against the American basketball team. Call

MARCH TO THE SEA: Sox and Yankees Have Roles Reversed

I can’t believe I’m going to say this. This goes against all common sense, all of history, all of nature

MARCH TO THE SEA: Harvard Should Promote Sports

Harvard sports fans, you have a right to be disappointed. The baseball Beanpot will not be taking place at Fenway

MARCH TO THE SEA: Wake Me Up For Playoff Time

11:00 AM. The alarm clock on the nightstand blares. What? What time is it? Oh no! I slept through History

Men's Basketball

MARCH TO THE SEA: Top Goal: Send Crimson To Dance

You want to know why the Harvard party scene is lacking? It’s because we can’t dance. We’ve never done it

March to the Sea: Futile Five, Surprising Failures

Finally! Time for another dueling column. This week, Brenda and I will be debating... Wait a minute...where’s Brenda? Did she

March to the Sea: A-Rod is Boston's Answer

Hmm, I think it’s about time to write on a new and fresh sports issue, something Brenda and I haven’t

March to the Sea: Red Sox Landed The Real Prize In Free Agent Market

Pitching wins championships. Ask anyone who really knows the game—they all say the same thing. The 50-homer guys are nice

Field Hockey

Field Hockey's Ahn Named First Team All-American

Harvard field hockey tri-captain Jenn Ahn was named a first-team All-American yesterday. She becomes the only Crimson player ever to


Love Story

It’s more or less the typical Harvard story. You’ve heard it many times by now—student spends one year at Mesa


The Battlefield

QUARTERBACK It all depends on whether junior Ryan Fitzpatrick is healthy. If he’s 100 percent, Harvard holds the edge on

March To The Sea: A-Rod The Right Choice For AL MVP

I think my feelings on this issue are best described in verse. Allow me, if you will: Aw Geez, David


Hungary for Basketball

While the rest of women’s basketball team was together touring France this summer, Reka Cserny was conspicuously absent. Injured? No.