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We Shouldn’t Be Afraid of the Truth

To the editors: Re: “Calorie Cards Removed From Dining Halls”, news story, Sept. 24. Harvard students lived without calorie cards

Copyright Harvard 2008

“An act for the encouragement of learning,” read the original copyright statute, signed into law by George Washington in 1790.

Stumbling Blocks

Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumbling block

What Happened?

Rabbit and Owl were stranded on an island as the floodwaters started to rise. “How am I to get off?”

Talking About Elections, Identifiers Must Be Qualified

To the editors: As the campaign season will be a long one, I wonder if The Crimson might want to

College Sends Grads Off with Exhortation to "Serve Society"

College Sends Grads Off With Exhortation to ‘Serve Society’ To the editors: Yifei Chen ’09 says of the Mission Statement

Memorial Hall Transept Should Honor The Dead

To the editors: Reasonable people can differ about whether the so-called “foyer of Sanders Theater” truly has “lackluster ambience,” as

Lessons for the Future

Crises can bring renewal, and Harvard is poised for a rebirth. The turmoil of the past five years yielded an

Amateurism On and Off the Field

Once while I was dean of the College, Harvard apologized to the NCAA because a student parked overnight at the

Donors, Not Harvard, Should Give To Relief Efforts

To the editors: Speaking just as a Harvard parent and a loyal Harvard alumnus, I think both the editorial (“

In Memory of Archie Epps

Archie became dean of students of a mostly white men’s college; he retired as dean of students of the nation’s

Shopping for an Education

“Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” — Daniel 12:4 This year’s rise and subsequent suspension

Harvard in a Beer-Ad World

It’s been a busy fall. The dean of the Faculty has announced that the entire undergraduate curriculum—Core, concentrations, the whole


Harvard in America, a Year Later

A year after Sept. 11, where is Harvard? I can’t do a complete stocktaking: Harvard is so diverse and complicated


Things to Think About

The following are remarks made yesterday by Lewis at the start of his opening lecture in Computer Science 121: “Introduction