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The Chinese Etchings on My Shield of Achilles

To embark on a journey to uncover the untold histories of peoples who are deemed unimportant by neglect, I suppose, will always lead to moments like this. The shield of Achilles, no matter how glorious in intention, is after all, an etched portrait of the horrors of war. The pursuit of history, no matter how optimistic we may be of the future because of it, is after all, our etchings of pasts made possible only by deaths and the passage of time. I’ll keep etching, but for now, I want to mourn.

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Drinking Alone Under the Moon with Li Bai

The sheer number of students at Harvard and the College’s formal emphasis on community on campus constantly remind us that we are never alone. But sometimes, we just are alone — and there’s nothing wrong with being alone. This autumn, while the weather is still nice and the moon is still bright, go be your own best companion.


Dissent: It’s Just a New Chaplain President

So while in our minds, Epstein’s election is merely a product of regular turnover of chaplains and other Harvard staff, we wake up to headlines morphing the new leadership of an organization into the latest wedge in our nation’s cultural war.

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We, Too, Are America

It is deeply destructive when communities are denied the right to belong in America, only finding comfort in their familiar cultural roots — cultural roots that are actively being exploited by authoritarian regimes committing relentless, heinous crimes. We cannot unify America by treating Chinese Americans as enemies of the state. Rather we must recognize all hyphenated Americans for what we are: Americans.