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The (Mis)Education of ChatGPT

Schools that are too trigger-happy with bans on AI will run the risk of placing their students at a serious educational and competitive disadvantage, particularly relative to other countries that may be more receptive to AI than our own. Education must prepare young people for the future — and the future seems to involve a great deal of ChatGPT.


To All Those Involved in the Comaroff Walkouts

For the second semester in a row, alleged abuser Professor John L. Comaroff is back in the classroom, while students chant in unison, fervently hoping that their voices — loud as ever — might just induce the administration to act. In the long fight against this alleged abuser, we must all continue to beat the drum until justice is won.

Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center

Kenneth Roth: The One that (Almost) Got Away

The best apology Harvard can give Kenneth Roth is its improvement. We hope it will. We hope this incident will serve as an opportunity for Harvard to boldly and ambitiously double down on its commitment to academic freedom in hiring University-wide.


Announcing The Crimson Editorial Board’s Spring 2023 Columnists

The Editorial Board is pleased to announce its columnists for the upcoming Spring semester.

2023 Spring Columnists

Winter Postcards

Many of us reunited with loved ones over break — but we didn’t forget about you, our dear readers. Click the markers on the map to follow along with our members’ winter break adventures, ruminations, and resolutions.

Claudine Gay Addresses Crowd at President Announcement

Good Day, President Gay

Starting July 2023, a Black woman will proudly claim Harvard’s highest office — becoming the first Black president and president of color in the history of the University. Her impending tenure provides an unprecedented, deeply resonant model of leadership for millions across the country and the globe; we hope its effect will be equally transformative in sparking change.

China Covid Protest

Standing With Democracy and Chinese Protesters, At Home and Abroad

A future that begins not with a boot forever stamping on a human face — but with a protest, a vote, or a whisper that asks, in brave, unflinching terms, whether you hear the people sing.

Mass. Hall New Angle

The Crisis Isn’t Free Speech — It’s How We’re Speaking

To solve the free speech crisis requires we realize that the crisis is not about free speech at all.


Language Learning at Harvard is a Spark to Keep Alight

A few thousand dollars for a single language program may seem small. But properly nurtured, this spark could ignite significant DEI changes at Harvard.

Harvard Law School - HLS

What, Like it’s Hard?: HLS leaves U.S. News & World Report Rankings

In a world driven by numbers, we should strive to limit the influence of abstract rankings and begin to prioritize our own happiness. Following in the footsteps of HLS, we must break ranks.


The Youthful (and Hopeful) Glow of the Midterm Elections

The past four years have been among the most turbulent in modern American political history. The midterm election results may show the beginnings of a return to sanity.


The Need for Endowment Exposure

As the endowment grows, both in size and complexity, the need for transparency and accountability becomes more and more apparent. The decision to obscure data on asset classes is a step in the wrong direction.


Hate Comes to Our Home

We are saddened to see hateful groups come to the place that we call home, but we can no longer treat these events like one-off incidents. White supremacy is still marching across our country and we must be ready to fight it. Although hate has come to our home, it is our duty to make sure it finds no home here.


At Last, Progress From the Peabody

All remains of Indigenous peoples held by Harvard must be returned to their rightful holders — and the Peabody ought not to rest until this task is completed.