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Jumping in Farkas

Javier F. Aranzales

Javier Aranzales has been doing the splits since he was 13.


Coordinates: Locked in Mount Auburn Cemetery

It’s mid-fall. The leaves are somewhere between dull brown and brutally orange on the last afternoon that it is not too crisp to walk by the river. We wile our way down past Darwin’s, the coffee shop we have yet to discover; across the crosswalk with the lights that never change to walk; and next to an unending row of fencing and hedges. The cemetery is still open for an hour this late in the day…is it six or seven?

House Life

House Ale

It started in the spring semester of 2009 with a bet between House masters: which house could brew the best batch of beer before commencement? It became a Kirkland House fixture. Lead by advisor and Kirkland House tutor Luke Walczewski, the Brew Club is exactly what it sounds like.

Will Work for Experience

Unpaid Internships: A Priceless Experience?

If experience is a currency, who’s paying? Companies and organizations pay interns experience as compensation for their time and labor. Students, in turn, pay for this experience as one would, say, pay to study abroad. And whether the money comes from students, parents, or Harvard’s funding resources, that willingness to pay helps to sustain an increasingly criticized internship system.

Lily C. Sugrue '16

Tarte Tatin

In a minute, she will whisk the skillet off the burner, move it over towards the pie pan sitting on counter, and coax the apples into the pan. She will do it all in one fluid motion. Afterwards, she will cover the apples with a round, yellow-tinted pie dough circle, slide the pan into the oven, and wait.


Anatomy of a Blocking Group

We all know them. Every blocking group has them. Maybe you are one of these characters, maybe you lie to yourself and pretend not to be, but here they are—the eight types of people you’ll find in a blocking group.

Admissions Feature

The First Generation Admissions Experience

Three Harvard College students—Jesse G. Sanchez, Daniel M. Lobo, and Cody R. Dean—discuss their experiences applying to college as the first in their families to do so.


2+2, 2+3

This year, the junior class is getting a taste of the fun, thanks to a new deferred admission program that offers Harvard students the chance to apply to Harvard Law School during their junior year. Known as the Junior Deferral Pilot, or 2+3, the new initiative was introduced last spring and is modeled along the same lines as Harvard Business School’s 2+2 Program, which began in 2007.


Harvard Ranked at Number Eight?

Harvard University is number… eight? Yes, that's right. Eight—at least according to a new matrix entitled The Sexiest, Smartest Colleges In The Country that was published on BuzzFeed yesterday. The BuzzFeed graph plots Forbes' rankings of America's Top Colleges against DateMySchool's entirely scientific and not at all subjective or opinion-based hotness index, and features pictures of the most prominent, gorgeous brainiac alums from each university alongside a list of the Top 10 Sexy/Smart schools.


Nineteen Going On Nine

The start of our night could have come straight out of one of Non Sequitur’s “Famous Last Words” strips. The ones where the last phrases people utter before they find themselves six feet under are etched on gravestones over their heads for all eternity: “Let’s go on an adventure…”

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Undergraduate Council

From Harvard Square to Logan Airport

Thanksgiving is a mere two days away. Swayed by the holiday spirit, Flyby has compiled a list of options for making it to the airport in one piece, so you can get home for family, turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, etc.

House Life

Harvard: Complicit in Promoting Communism?

Harvard University—center of truth, knowledge, and communism? It seems Bloomberg News has finally caught on to the trend. A Nov. 9 article entitled "Harvard-Trained Communists Vie for Power as Party Gathers" describes a series of executive training programs at Harvard's Kennedy School in which many of the world's leading communists have participated. While Bloomberg focused on Kennedy School graduates such as Li Yuanchao, Chen Deming,and Bo Guagua (all of whom are associated with the communist party elite) we at Flyby are surprised they didn't pick up on some other more obvious communist tendencies right at the university's center. Herewith, a closer look at what might have given Harvard away as a breeding ground for communism. While Bloomberg focused on Kennedy School graduates such as Li Yuanchao,Chen Deming, Bo Guagua (all of whom are associated with thecommunist party elite) we at Flyby are surprised they didn't pick up on someother more obvious communist tendencies right at the university's center.Herewith, a closer look at what might have given Harvard away as a breedingground for communism.

In The Meantime

The Word: Turf

The air was dry. Not a sticky heat, the type that made droplets of sweat spring up across your arms; this was different, worse, stagnant, exhausting. It was the sort of weather that stuck in your throat, left you grabbing and spitting at the team’s green Gatorade water bottles by half time. This was Saint Helena. Wine country.

Harvard Law School

The Harvard Stigma, Kind of Like the H-Bomb

Who knew "Professor" could be such an insult? Most people tend to give the position a certain degree of respect. Maybe it's all the years of classes, lectures, and endless papers it takes to get there, or maybe it's just the implied intellectual brilliance and academic success of the post. Of course, it has long been said that politics plays by its own set of rules. Jerry J. Jasinowski began his endorsement of Senator Scott P. Brown in a Huffington Post blog post with a discussion of the title "Professor," not as a compliment but as a political affront.

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Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School's Weird Admissions Questions (And Some Of Our Own)

"How would your parents describe you when you were twelve?" Shy? Unruly? Already reading The Economist front to cover every night before bed? Don't laugh; it's an important question. So important, in fact, that it could determine your admission status to Harvard Business School.