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Digitizing Knowledge

The DPLA, its leaders say, will place the resources of top research libraries in the world in the pocket of every American.


Focusing on the Arab World

Some professors say that the College is ill-equipped to offer a comprehensive undergraduate education on the modern Middle East.

Hockey Kept Out of NCAA Tournament
Class of 1961

Faculty Prohibits Varsity Ice Hockey From NCAA Tournament Participation

Despite the squad’s posting an 18-4-2 record, the Faculty Committee on Athletics banned the team from taking part in the NCAA tournament for the second straight year.

Graduate School of Design

China to Fund Graduate Schools From Seven Harvard Graduate Schools

Delegates from the Chinese government signed an agreement yesterday with Harvard that leaders hope will bring more Chinese students to ...

Widener at Sunrise

Harvard Leads Digital Library Initiative

Harvard is solidifying plans to lead one of the largest national efforts to create a digitized public library, which might eventually include all printed books.


Porter Responds to Libya Criticism

University Professor Michael E. Porter yesterday responded to accusations made by former Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis ’68 at Tuesday’s Faculty meeting.

FAS Administration

Former Dean Questions Response to Professor's Past Financial Ties to Libya’s Gaddafi

Former Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis ’68 questioned University President Drew G. Faust on whether the University should actively criticize a University professor for his financial ties with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.


Faculty Notebook: Hammonds Discusses Renaming OWAW

Dean of Harvard College Evelynn M. Hammonds has acquiesced to pressure and agreed to change the name of the Optional Winter Activities Week, she said at yesterday’s Faculty meeting.

Widener at Sunrise

As Libraries Evolve, HCL Head Leaves

But after nearly 15 years, Nancy M. Cline will leave this summer as her position is folded into the newly centralized administrative structure of the University-wide library system.

Awards Ceremony

Smith Honors FAS Staff

The event—in its second year, after FAS Dean Michael D. Smith established the program last year—salutes staff members throughout FAS for their commitment to the school.


Limit on Visiting Faculty Continues

Still $35 million in the red, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences has maintained a restriction on the hiring of visiting professors, instead favoring the use of less expensive post-doctoral students to fill teaching positions.


Faculty Revises Honors Degree System During Meeting

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences revised the Latin honors system for graduating seniors by Faculty vote at a meeting Tuesday.


IT Consolidates Service Across University

The consolidation of IT systems, first announced in March 2010, is scheduled to be completed this June.


Harvard, MIT Share Library Resources

Harvard and MIT libraries today announced the possibility of a long-term collaboration that will explore joint efforts to preserve digital materials, ease access between library catalogues, and build a new shared storage site.


Deficit Strains FAS Budgets

Some department administrators questioned the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ capacity to close its $35 million deficit by the 2012 self-imposed deadline, citing already painfully slim budgets.