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Friedkin Makes the 'Connection'

William Friedkin doesn’t know how he survived the making of “The French Connection,” his 1971 police-procedural classic. As the Oscar-winning

Dan Auerbach

The Black Keys, Dan Auerbach’s blues-rock duo, have always seemed to hold to their well-established sound. The two-man band has

‘Pravda’ Brings St. Petersburg, Menacing and Marvelous, To Life

Edward Docx’s third novel, “Pravda,” starts off like a Dan Brown thriller. We are introduced to Gabriel Glover, freshly landed

Winds Keep Dancer on Their Toes

The Harvard Office for the Arts’ Dance Program’s annual show, “Dancers’ Viewpointe,” is the first large-scale coordination of music and

Dance, Glitter Shine in 'Ghungroo'

The 18th annual “Ghungroo” was a riot of color, sound, and motion. The Harvard South Asian Association’s three-hour cultural celebration,

‘Lobby’ Authors Confront and Transcend Controversy

“It is difficult to talk about the [Israel] lobby’s influence on American foreign policy,” note the authors of “The Israel