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Should Harvard's All-Male Final Clubs Go Co-Ed (Finally)?

"While the rest of the world moves towards gender equality, Harvard’s eight all-male final clubs have stubbornly remained on the wrong side of history," writes one final club member in this week's Fifteen Minutes. Read the scrutiny to find out why this Fox Club member is calling for Harvard's old boys' clubs to go co-ed.

Carleton Cruse Scrut

15 Questions with A. Carlton Cuse ’81

Executive Producer and writer for the hit show “Lost,” Carlton Cuse ’81 took a break from writing the show’s ...

Roving Reporter

Roving Reporter: Absolut Boston

Last month Absolut unveiled its latest creation, Absolut Boston, black tea and elderflower flavored vodka. Curious to

Stranded by the River

We all recognize that we are in a recession. We are prepared to say goodbye to hot breakfast and farewell

Harvard Prefrosh Roving Reporter

Harvard Prefrosh Roving Reporter

Roving Reporter

Harvard Prefrosh Roving Reporter with Logan Ury

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Roving Reporter

Roving Reporter: Crossword Puzzle Tournament

This week, Roving Reporter got wordy at the Boston/Harvard Crossword Puzzle Tournament. We talked about favorite clues, closet nerds, and

My Big Fat Italian Rosh Hashanah

“Rabbi Hazan?” I asked meekly as I opened the door and 17 surprised faces met my sheepish one. It was

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One Happy Man

The psychology professor is smiling. It’s a warm day in Cambridge, the first in a while, and the sun coming

15 Things Harvard People Like

1. Free Finale, ’Nochs, and Nalgenes Harvard people like creating their own clubs, but sometimes struggle to attract members to

15 Harvard Drinking Games

It’s that time of year. You’re trudging through the Yard, avoiding obnoxious tourists and endless sludge piles when suddenly it

Roving Reporter


David B. Schneider ’10 RR: Have you ever had a hot TF? DBS: Yeah. I had a Russian TF, late

For Class of ’57, A Different Square

For the returning Class of 1957, it would be easy to miss Charlie’s Kitchen. Hidden among high-end shoe stores, overpriced

Taking Over the Neighborhood, Then and Now

During his presidency, a Harvard legend has it, John F. Kennedy ’40 once visited campus hoping to relive some of

Reducing Cars Lowers Pollution

As China looks to clean Beijing’s notoriously polluted air for the 2008 Summer Olympics, a soon-to-be-released study by Harvard researchers