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Police Report Adds Few Details About Harvard Yard Death

The man who died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound Saturday on the top step of Memorial Church appeared to be a white male in his early to mid-twenties.


Handle With Care

Seth Riddley ’08-’12 had never suffered from psychiatric problems before coming to college, but soon after moving from South Carolina to Cambridge to begin his freshman year, he faced family difficulties and began to seriously consider suicide.


OSAPR Faces Sexual Assault on Campus

Late at night—as often as two or three times a week—Sarah A. Rankin, the director of the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, wakes up in the dead of night to the ringing of her cell phone.


Brain Break

Over the past five years, Harvard has granted students more than 1,000 leaves of absence.

Take Back the Night
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OSAPR Launches Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Harvard's Sexual Assault Awareness Month aims to empower survivors, raise awareness, and foster a community for women who have faced sexual assault.

Mental Health

Community Responds to Cornell Suicides

In the wake of three apparent suicides at Cornell University in the past six weeks, members of the mental health community at Harvard reaffirmed their commitment to providing support for students at risk but disagreed on the need to take immediate steps in response.

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Harvard China Care hosted Anthropology Professor Arthur Kleinman yesterday in a discussion about mental health-related stigma in Chinese society.

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Professor Talks Disease Stigmas

Just hours after returning from a trip to China, Anthropology Professor Arthur Kleinman delivered a talk about the long-standing stigmatization and subsequent marginalization of the mentally ill population in Chinese society.

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Ryan M. Travia: Living a Life of Substance

For the past five years, Travia has served as the director of the Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Services. His role involves organizing Harvard’s alcohol education programs, working with treatment providers at University Health Services, and developing policy-based initiatives for the University related to alcohol and drug use.

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Schedule Change Amplifies Stress Among Students

College administrators attribute the unanticipated stress of the compressed semester to a lack of planning by both students and faculty, though proposals for rearranging vacation days in the fall semester are still up for discussion.

Mental Health

Vonnegut Speaks On Mental Illness

Author Kurt Vonnegut and his son, Mark, recounted last night the turmoil that unfolded in their family after Mark began to suffer from mental illness in 1969.

Mental Health


Author KURT VONNEGUT, left, and his son, MARK, speak of their family’s struggle with Mark’s mental illness before a packed crowd in the Sackler Museum yesterday.