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Federal Judge Upholds Ruling Against Former Bolivian President in Human Rights Case Brought by HLS Clinic

HLS’s International Human Rights Clinic secured a historic victory as a federal judge turned down a former Bolivian president and defense minister's request to reverse a judgement against them for the massacre of Indigenous people.

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

Massachusetts Court Dismisses Lawsuit Over Harvard’s Possession of Slave Photos

A Middlesex Superior Court judge on Tuesday dismissed Connecticut resident Tamara K. Lanier’s lawsuit against Harvard alleging that the University unlawfully possesses and profits from historic photos she says depict her enslaved ancestors. Lanier plans to appeal the decision.

Admissions & Financial Aid Administrative Offices

Students for Fair Admissions Petitions SCOTUS to Take Up Suit Against Harvard’s Race-Conscious Admissions

The anti-affirmative action group Students for Fair Admissions petitioned the United States Supreme Court Thursday to review a lower court’s decision upholding Harvard’s race-conscious admissions practices, marking the latest development in a nearly seven-year-long, high-profile legal battle that could determine the future of race-conscious admissions in higher education.

Prison Divestment Press Conference

Massachusetts Court Dismisses Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign Lawsuit Over University Investments

A Massachusetts judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit from the Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign over Harvard’s investments in companies with ties to the prison industry.

The Crimson Building

Federal Judge Dismisses Former Harvard Employee Eric Clopper’s Lawsuit Against The Crimson

Earlier this month, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought in federal court by a former Harvard employee, Eric Clopper, over the Crimson’s coverage of — and the University’s subsequent response to — a 2018 performance he put on at Sanders Theatre.

Moakley Courthouse

Former Chemistry Chair's Defense Could Tie Federal Charges to DOJ China Initiative, Experts Say

Legal experts say recent court filings indicate University Professor Charles M. Lieber — charged with lying to federal officials investigating his funding sources and ties to China — may try to convince jurors that Lieber was swept up in the Trump administration’s broader anti-China campaign.

Lieber Leaves Bail Hearing

Harvard Files Opposition in Chemistry Prof. Lieber Indemnification Suit

Harvard filed an opposition Thursday in response to Chemistry professor Charles M. Lieber’s lawsuit alleging Harvard is contractually obligated to pay for his legal defense against federal fraud charges.

John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse

Rhode Island Man Sentenced to 21 Months for Threatening Prof. Believed to Be Affiliated With Harvard

A Rhode Island man was sentenced to 21 months in prison and three years of supervised release Wednesday for sending dozens of violent, threatening emails to a Massachusetts professor reportedly affiliated with Harvard.

Moakley Courthouse
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Moakley Courthouse

After being charged by the federal government for alleged failures to disclose funding in late January, Charles M. Lieber had a bail hearing at the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse.

Homeless Court in Cambridge
Harvard Square

Cambridge Courts Shift Operations Online, Postpone Non-Emergency Matters

Courts in Cambridge and Middlesex County have shifted their operations in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, hearing emergency matters virtually.

 Harvard Law Clinic
Harvard Law School

Harvard Veterans Legal Clinic Contends VA Unlawfully Denies Health Care to Hundreds of Thousands of Veterans

The Veterans Legal Clinic at the Harvard Law School Legal Services Center released a report on Thursday contending the Department of Veteran Affairs has unlawfully turned away nearly half a million veterans seeking health care.

Harvard Law School
Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School Students Criticize Judicial Misconduct Email

Harvard Law School Dean John F. Manning ’82 outlined efforts taken by the Law School to confront instances of judicial misconduct and sexual harassment against clerks in a school-wide email Thursday.

HLS Affiliates on Reinhardt
Harvard Law School

Harvard Law Affiliates Condemn Sexual Harassment in Legal Profession Following Graduate's Congressional Testimony

Harvard Law School students, faculty, and administrators have condemned sexual harassment in the judicial system following Law School graduate Olivia A. Warren’s Feb. 13 testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.

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University Finances

Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign Files Suit Against University

The Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign filed suit against Harvard in Massachusetts state court Wednesday over Harvard’s alleged investments in companies with ties to the prison industry.

Cambridge Streets
Cambridge City Council

Cambridge Appeals Ruling Halting Two-Year Moratorium on Some Recreational Marijuana Sales

The City of Cambridge filed an emergency motion appealing a court ruling that lifted the city’s two-year moratorium on certain cannabis sales permits, according to a city announcement Friday.