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Five New Members Elected to Harvard Board of Overseers

Harvard alumni elected five new members to the Board of Overseers, the University’s second-highest governing body, the University announced Thursday morning.

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Meredith Hodges ’03 Elected President of Harvard Board of Overseers

Meredith L. “Max” Hodges ’03, the executive director of Boston Ballet, was elected as president of Harvard’s Board of Overseers for the 2023-24 academic year, the University announced on Thursday.

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Arturo Elizondo ’14 Vows to Represent Those ‘Outside the Ivory Tower’ If Elected to Board of Overseers

Harvard Government concentrator turned food entrepreneur Arturo Elizondo ’14 is campaigning for a spot on the Board of Overseers, the University’s second-highest governing body.

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Astronaut and Physician Robert Satcher Hopes to Prioritize Climate Change and Diversity

In 2009, Board of Overseers candidate Robert L. Satcher, Jr. boarded the space shuttle Atlantis on a 10-day mission to the International Space Station, becoming the first orthopedic surgeon in space.

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Fiona Hill Wants to Tackle Legacy Admissions on Harvard Board of Overseers

Fiona Hill is not a fan of legacy admissions. A first-generation college student who described her scholarship to attend graduate school at Harvard as “transformational,” Hill is making legacy admissions a cornerstone issue of her campaign for the Board of Overseers.

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Sylvia Burwell ’87 Pledges to Promote ‘Inclusive Excellence’ on the Harvard Board of Overseers

Since becoming the president of American University in 2017, Sylvia M. Burwell ’87 has acquired nearly six years of experience working with a university’s governing board. Now, she wants to join one for the next six years.

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Lawyer and Free Speech Advocate Harvey Silverglate Stages Write-in Campaign

Harvey A. Silverglate, a 1967 Harvard Law School graduate, is staging an outsider campaign for election to the Board of Overseers. His mission? Fewer administrators, more academic freedom.

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Former Harvard Alumni Association President Vanessa Liu ’96 Focuses on Diversity in BOO Bid

With the Supreme Court on the brink of upending affirmative action, Harvard Board of Overseers candidate Vanessa W. Liu ’96 said she intends to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, if elected to serve on the University’s second-highest governing body.

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Harvard Board of Overseers Candidates Make Their Pitches

Eight candidates are on the ballot for an expected five vacancies in Harvard’s Board of Overseers — the University’s second-highest governing body — while a ninth seeks to stage a write-in campaign. Voting began today and lasts until May 16, with all Harvard graduates who received their degree as of Jan. 1 eligible to vote except administrators and faculty.

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Luis Ubiñas ’85 Makes a Bid for the Board of Overseers to Pay Back a ‘Debt of Gratitude’

A newcomer to Harvard’s governance scene, Luis A. Ubiñas ’85 is pledging steadfast support for President-Elect Claudine Gay and vowing to bring transparency back to the table.

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Jeffrey Dunn ’77 Vows to Lead Harvard’s Fight to Protect Democracy if Elected

Jeffrey D. Dunn ’77 said he would bring an “insider’s and outsider’s” perspective if elected to the Board of Overseers, the University’s second-highest governing body, and stressed the importance of working to protect democracy amid global upheaval.

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Srishti Gupta Narasimhan ’97 Campaigns on Inclusivity and Interdisciplinary Thinking

Srishti K. Gupta Narasimhan ’97 is running a campaign for the Board of Overseers focused on promoting diversity, cultivating interdisciplinary thinking, and supporting the future of higher education.

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Coalition for a Diverse Harvard Announces Endorsements for 2023 Board of Overseers Election

The Coalition for a Diverse Harvard, an alumni advocacy group that aims to promote diversity and equity at the University, announced endorsements for five candidates in this year’s Board of Overseers election.

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Free Speech Advocate Running Outsider Campaign for Harvard Board of Overseers Will Not See Name on Ballot

Harvey A. Silverglate, a 1967 Harvard Law School graduate who is staging an outsider campaign for election to the Harvard Board of Overseers, said he will probably not meet the signature threshold to see his name on the ballot, but pledged to continue his bid with a write-in campaign.

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Harvard Alumni Association Nominates Candidates for Board of Overseers, Elected Directors

The Harvard Alumni Association nominating committee announced candidates for the Board of Overseers — the University’s second-highest governing body — and for elected directors of the HAA Friday.