Yeah, your sibling is graduating from Harvard. Big whoop. They’re taking photos, hanging out with friends, hogging your parents… but what is there for you to do? Well, you’re in luck, because I have a Bostonian fifteen-year-old sister and have been secretly observing where she and the other Teens like to hang out in Harvard Square. Sneak away to one of these spots and luxuriate in your youthful coolness.

Gong Cha

This is arguably the best boba in the square, both for taste and coolness. Get “half sugar” if you really want to flex on the haters.

The Attic

Ok, this place is pretty expensive for a thrift store. But if you like thrifting, you can kill about forty-five minutes here. They have an extensive sweater collection if you’re shocked by how cold it is here, even in May.

Taiyaki NYC

The ice cream is both excellent and Instagram-worthy here, plus it has NYC (a patently cool place) in the name. I highly recommend the black sesame flavor, but my sister (again, down with the youth) prefers matcha.

LA Burdick

The chocolate here is (a) ethical and (b) soooooo good. Everything is too expensive, so just go for the hot milk chocolate. Sit inside and enjoy the lightly Parisian vibes.


I’m being genuinely so for real right now: CVS is consistently the hottest spot in Harvard Square. Buy a little snack and bev and go sit in one of the many fields around campus. Film a TikTok dance. Be free.

Hopefully these spots will keep you from being bored to tears while everybody else fawns over your sibling. Hang in there — your time will come soon enough!