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Confessions of a Harvard Beezer

Listen, if the Boomers thought that Gen-Z’s obsession with Tide Pods was messed up, we cannot help but wonder what they thought about the Millenials’ decision to apply Burt’s Bees lip balm to their EYELIDS. Like…were people okay back in 2014?? What were they even stressed about?? One Direction hadn’t even broken up yet…

Anyways, here’s Flyby’s take on “Beez-ing” as they called it. Enjoy your trip back to the era of the iPhone 5s. Maybe that’s why they were so bored back then. Jeez.

My 13-inch Long Rat

Body bags. Blood. Snack theft. Thirteen freaking inches. Is this a Colleen Hoover novel or is this Flyby Blog’s “My 13-Inch Long Rat”? Yes, this is a true story. No, there was not a love story between the rat and the Currier ceiling. Or maybe there was. Read this not-so-long-ago story to find out.

Math 23’s Boy Genius

When I was at the Activities Fair, I met a freshman taking Math 55 and a graduate quantum chemistry class, and promptly felt the classic crippling shame of our favorite imposter syndrome. Well, Overachieving Freshman, meet the 10-Year-Old Boy in Math 23. Bet you’re not feeling so special anymore huh? Boo hoo. Granted, this was back in 2010, so maybe our boy genius is here now. If you’re reading this, #compFlybyBlog.

Lowell to Release Swimsuit Calendar, Exclusive Interview with Model

Lowell House has many things going for it. David Laibson, Lowell Tea…umm…But back in 2010, Lowell House had a truly special asset (iykyk). Likely because they still felt threatened by the Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock, the men of Lowell launched their very own, limited-edition Swimsuit Calendar. After reading this calendar, just maybe, we wanted to Get Low-ell. ;)

Quincy Residents Receive a Load of Crap

Surprising deliveries in your room this semester? Unexpected packages on your floor that beg the question How did this get in here? No amount of 2023 surprises can top the surprise of the 2010 Quincy Residents Charles W. Li and Duncan J. Watts who once received a literal pile of shit. It may have been a crappy situation, but it’s the perfect read for when you’re sitting on the porcelain throne.

As you continue to digest HUDS’ questionably vegan mac ’n’ “cheese,” we invite you to scroll through the rest of Flyby’s feed. Maybe you’ll find some gems like we did. Or maybe you’ll just find this.