As the year comes to a close, it feels like all of your friends and/or estranged suitemates have performances they’re participating in. If you want to show up with flowers to support them, we have compiled a list of options for all preferences!

Trader Joe’s near the SEC


First on our list is our favorite finance bro: Mr. Trader Joe. This Trader Joe’s is a little far from campus (a 20-minute walk according to Apple Maps) but you can also take the shuttle to the SEC and have a moment living life as a CS student but without the perpetual stress! There were a lot of options in terms of flowers, including “Unkillable” wooden bouquets for $14.99 if you want something more resistant to Harvard students’ commitment problems. The highest price for a (live) bouquet was $12.99, so you won’t break your bank after a semester of dining out. You can also do some grocery shopping while you’re here if you want to eat in your dorm some days and avoid HUDS food poisoning (or “gastrointestinal illnesses”).

Bouquet Cost: $13.86 + Emotional labor of going all the way to the SEC

Pros: Cheapest, lots of variety, yummy snacks available (great for ur tummy)

Cons: Not as ~aesthetic~, yummy snacks available (bad for your wallet)

Brattle Square Florist


Next on our list is Brattle Square Florist! The beloved flower shop in the Square was set to close last year but then announced it would remain open and it has since moved to a new location at 52 Brattle St. If you ask for a bouquet of flowers within a certain budget, they will make one for you after asking for what colors you would like. The bouquet pictured above was $15.94 and came with a lot of flowers! Maybe not so great if you’re bad at making decisions (how hard was it for you to choose a concentration?) but amazing if you want a unique bouquet!

Bouquet Cost: $15.94

Pros: Customizable, supporting local businesses <3

Cons: A little more expensive

The Other Trader Joe’s

If you want to take a little walk along the river to maximize the spring vibes, you can also go to the other Trader Joe’s! Very similar to the one in the SEC so we didn’t go over there to take pictures, pls use your imagination <3.

Pros: Cheapest, yummy snacks available (great for ur tummy)

Cons: Not as ~aesthetic~, yummy snacks available (bad for ur wallet)

Petali Flowers


Across the street from the old Jefe’s location lies Petali Flowers, a whimsical escape from school where you can romanticize your life for a moment and pretend you live in a magical cottage in the woods. The shop is on the more expensive end of our list, but the vibes are cute and there’s lots of neat gifts to buy if you want an addition to your flowers (like a candle but shhh don’t tell your building manager). When you ask for a bouquet within a budget, they may ask you to pick one flower you like and build the rest of the bouquet around it.

Bouquet Cost: $14.88

Pros: cute gifts to buy for ur friends, pretty wrapping

Cons: most pricey, not as many flowers for the price

Although there are many options for flowers on this list, you really can’t go wrong with any of these and I am sure the recipient will appreciate it either way!. We hope this guide was helpful if you’re looking for somewhere to buy flowers for your friend/your boo/yourself <3!