Quirks & Perks

There are several events to look forward to throughout the year in Quincy House. Most notably, the house’s intense, weeklong game of Assassin is a standout event that HoCo Co-Chair Kari A. Traylor ’24 looked back on as one of her favorite memories in the house. With a lengthy rule book about where and when and what you can be wearing when you shoot people (with nerf guns), the Quincy Assassin game outshines any other house-wide assassin games at Harvard thus far.


Other Quincy events, which are often spelled with Qs, include Lip SinQ, which involves choreography, costumes, and lip syncing to songs with friends. This past year, the Quincy Qarnival featured clowns, art-focused activities — such as tie dye, plant potting, and mural making — and food, including a a pizza oven and ice cream truck.

Quincy is also on the IM come up! They won the Strauss cup in the 2020-2021 academic year, and since then, they have been killing it, according to Traylor. Right now, they’re sitting comfortably in 3rd place, though they’re ready to strike at any moment.


All About Housing

If you’re wondering what typical sophomore housing is like in Quincy House, we have the answers for you. Most sophomores are either in the newly renovated Stone Hall or in DeWolfe, the apartment building across from the Quincy courtyard. Though you will likely be in a double sophomore year, there’s a high chance you’ll enjoy a single during your junior or senior year.


According to HoCo Co-Chair Keeling T. Baker ’24, one of the most sought-after suites in Quincy is the balcony suite above the Qube, which is known for its in-suite bar and ping pong table, making it a desirable party location. Baker and his blockmates have their eye on it for next year. Another shoutout goes to N404 in Stone Hall, a desirable six-man suite. This one is known for its spacious common room and all-singles layout. With so many options, you and your roommates will surely find an ideal suite style in Quincy.

Your Questions, Answered

Still have some questions you’re dying to ask? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what the HoCo chairs have to share about their house.

What do you want freshmen to know about Quincy?

KTB: I objectively think it’s the best house for its community, if nothing else. Some houses are nicer, some houses are better located, but it’s called ‘the people’s house’ for a reason, and I think the name very much still applies and that trickles down from the faculty deans to the administration to HoCo to the students.

KAT: I think Quincy is the most well-rounded house. You’ll find home here because there’s so many things that you can get involved in or events that you can go to, people that you can meet. I don’t think you’ll ever feel excluded while you’re here. You can always find people to interact with and feel like you belong here.


What makes your house special?

KAT: I think we have one of the best mascots. It’s great for our merch. It’s great for Housing Day, lyrics, honestly great for everything. And penguins eat fish too.

KTB: That’s a Cabot joke.


What is a common misconception about Quincy?

KTB: The main diss that other houses have is that Quincy is irrelevant. It’s just kind of a stupid diss because they can’t figure out anything else to diss us about. I mean, they still come to our dhall to get breakfast…

KAT: …and lunch, and dinner.

From hot breakfast to the Quincy Grille, Quincy residents take the saying seriously: the way to your heart if through your stomach.