It’s March 9, 2023 and you’re a class of 2026 freshman who can finally identify with one of the 12 houses. Now that you’ve gotten your decision, what’s next?

Read The Flyby Blog’s Housing Market Guide!!

You didn’t even know Cabot was a house? Never fear, read flyby’s housing market pieces to learn more about each of the houses in depth. Annotate it. Make notes. In my unbiased opinion, this is the go-to place to find out about events held by your new House Committee and what niche things your House may offer.

Take A Self-Directed Tour

Get lost in the courtyards or the halls of your home for the next three years. Instead of doing it in the first week of class, you now get the chance to practice walking from your dorm to the Science Center, Sever Hall, or even the SEC (if you’re feeling very brave).

Bonus: Practice Running From The Quad & Back

With 9-a.ms in your future, you may want to practice your “Crap, I woke up at 8:45 a.m. and class starts at 9 a.m.” now. Even if you’re not Quadded, the River houses are nothing like waking up at 8:55 a.m. in Canaday Hall and still making it on time for your morning lecture.

Steal Milk From the Dhall

But is it really stealing? It’s your house now. Grab the snacks, have a meal, convince yourself the food is better than Berg. Convince yourself that this dining hall is the best one on campus.

Put on Dean Khurana’s Housing Day Playlist <3

While it may never be “As It Was,” “Don’t You Worry Child” because Housing Day 2023 will be “Good As Hell” with Dean K’s special Spotify playlist designed to celebrate the day no matter what the day holds for you!

Take 2,488,293,742 #HousingDay Pics

Will it be #ThropLove or #ConcreteJungle4Ever? Let us and the world know! We already know your friends back home will ask you if this is anything like the sorting experience in Harry Potter over a hundred times, so make sure to vlog the whole thing and send it to everyone at once. Also, keep the pictures for memories. You’ll appreciate it when you’re graduating.

Practice your “____ House, Best House”

No matter what House you get, you’ll be like every other upperclassmen trained to claim that their house is the best house. Why wait? Start practicing your chant now. Maybe, you can convince yourself in advance that it is, in fact, the best house.

Done everything you can to celebrate your housing assignment? To celebrate (or cry), treat yourself to some ice cream and know that no matter what House you get — there is something to love!