Quirks & Perks

As an Eliot resident, you’ll get to enjoy a variety of special traditions that make Eliot the house to be in. More than any other tradition, Eliot is best known for their annual formal, Fête. HoCo Co-Chair Delaney C. Jones ’24 describes the formal with “ice sculptures and champagne fountains and around 2000 chocolate covered strawberries that students spend hours dipping themselves the day before.” Chocolate covered strawberries? Count me in. Jones continues, “It’s a big community event. We’ll also try and welcome in other students from other communities as our plus ones.” Fête is generally held on the pavilion in Eliot courtyard and is one of the most attended formals among the houses.

If you can’t wait for Fête to get classy, Eliot’s enhanced dinners, which happen at least once a month, offer an alternative to that. HoCo Co-Chair Ava L. Baldassari ’24 explained that the dinners include “really good food and fancy desserts. We put out tablecloths and flowers.” Enhanced dinners are accentuated even further during the holidays, when they invite special performers and use fancy Eliot chinaware to really drive that magical experience.


If you’re looking for something less fancy, you can always pull up to Eliot dhall on any old day. Baldassari says, “It’s always a nice place to go if you’re looking to do work with other people.” Eliot dhall has the steady hum of voices at all hours of the day. A great collaborative and social area, it is one of the spaces that ties the house together.

Jones’s favorite space is the Eliot records room, where “there’s an entire wall of old records, and there’s speakers, and there’s clothes and couches, and there’s a record player.” For musicians and music-listeners alike, the records room is truly something special. Baldassari, on the other hand, is partial to the Golden Arm, a movie theater inside Eliot. According to her, you can “come together with friends, watch a movie or watch a TV show or just sit together and not feel enclosed.”

With many amenities, common spaces, and special events, Eliot boasts a close-knit community for all its residents. It’s the perfect combination of options for the most introverted and the most extroverted of us.

All About Housing

Eliot residents all live in suite-style housing. With various different arrangements, the perfect suite exists for groups of all sizes. Additionally, all Eliot suites have in-suite bathrooms. Though not usually for sophomores, there are two famed party suites: Ground Zero and the Cock Pit.


Eliot’s many amenities include a Grille (“The Inferno”), a private movie theater (“The Golden Arm”), a recording studio (“The Tower Room”), a gym, a dance studio, a records room for all vinyl lovers, a woodshop, an art studio, and a beautiful house library overlooking the scenic Charles River.


Your Questions, Answered:

Need more info? The HoCo chairs dive deeper.

Is there anything that you would want to change about Eliot?

DCJ: The one thing that I want to change about Eliot is the perception from other houses and maybe first years. I think we’re known as an old house because we haven’t been renovated yet. But I definitely don’t think that’s to our detriment.

ALB: I don’t think any of our facilities are any less than anybody else’s because they’re not renovated.

Do you think the location is something that adds to Eliot?

ALB: Oh, definitely. First of all, you don't have to run to class, you can get to class if it’s in the yard, and like less than six minutes.

DCJ: Also, if you go to the SEC, it’s not that far, either.

ALB: It’s right over there.

DCJ: It’s such a central location.


Does Eliot have a saying or a phrase?

ALB: We definitely have a phrase… Domus de Eliot.

DCJ: Whenever you say Floreat Domus de Eliot you usually expect a response, which is ‘Domus’!

It doesn’t get much better than that. Domus!