Flyby's long awaited Housing Market 2023 is here!


3/6: Flyby’s annual Housing Market Feature has finally arrived! Kick off one of Harvard’s favorite traditions by reading all about The Quad, home to spacious rooms, unique amenities, and just straight up impeccable ~vibes~.

3/7: For Day 2 of Housing Market, Flyby proudly presents River East! Whether it be gorgeous river views from high up in the towers or the loud house pride and spirit, there’s definitely something for everyone right along the Charles.

3/8: Up next on our Housing Market Feature, Flyby presents River West! With fancy House events, scenic courtyard views, and an envious list of famous alumni, you’ll definitely have the proof to back up your chants of “River West, River Best!”.

3/9: For the last day of our Housing Market, Flyby presents River Central! Living in Lowell, Quincy or Adams will have you flexing your close proximity to the Yard, all of your classes and the many places to stop and snack in the Square!