{shortcode-d86ba56492d79c488ca88d7dc56190b630533a42}Housing Day is one of the most celebrated days at Harvard. It can be both exciting and stressful. After the stress of navigating blocking and linking groups, we scale walls and sneak around HUPD into each of the nine river houses, desperately trying to win the favor of the River Gods. Although there are many myths and preconceived notions about each house, here are my post-housing day realizations.

River Run is a hoax

Many people carry the belief that River Run saved them from the tragedy of being quadded to their grave. However, from personal experience, this is not true. I was a firm believer that River Run was do or die: If you don’t do it, have fun walking the extra 15 minutes to the yard. If you weren’t going to do it, then you were strictly cut out of the blocking group (can’t have dead weight on the team). Against my deepest wishes, some of my blockmates did not participate in River Run activities… and despite my nightmares of C-A-B-O-T being yelled up our stairs the next morning, we were pleasantly surprised with the screams of C-A-B-O-T followed by A-D-A-M-S. And, let's not forget about our fallen soldiers who correctly “River Ran” and unfortunately still got quadded.

Don’t stir up shit within your blocking group

Please, don’t be the group that already has blocking drama without even having lived together. Just imagine what your life will be like in six months, when you’re sharing a room and living side by side, if you’re already having issues now!

Please, no blockcest (you don't need any new members in your blocking group)

As seen on Sidechat, pregnancies are on the rise (some discovered in Lamont Library, others maybe in Cabot, or Widener). Don’t let one of these be from the intricacies of your blocking group. Blocking groups should be sacred spaces with as little drama as possible. Adding a baby to the crew could ruin the group dynamic… or, I suppose, it could potentially unite everyone to work together to raise a child that is already a double legacy! Just beware of dirty diapers, throw up, and the cries you might encounter around the clock. But then again, also keep in mind the endless excuses for why that assignment that was due last night was not submitted on time ;)

Beware of spring breaking with the blocking group

Watch out for the potential consequences of vacationing with your blocking group. Just know that you will have the next three years to spend time with these people. Maybe spring break is the perfect chance to truly get a real break from Harvard and its people… Don’t let spring break leave you, and the blocking group, spring broken :(

The river is not always sunshine and rainbows…

Being quadded is not all that bad. Currier’s housing video was the most revolutionary housing video of all time, and as seen on Sidechat, it even started the Quad Renaissance! There are debates about introducing “Quad Runs” to get quadded, because “THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT.” Even if you get quadded, keep in mind that the walk is only 15 minutes, which is a shorter walk than what most state school students endure. I’ve never seen a Sidechat post about a Pfoho or Currier rat invasion; Eliot and Kirkland, on the other hand, suffer constant infestations. #countyourblessings!

Although blocking and Housing Day may have been anxiety inducing, everyone ends up loving their house and never even considers transferring (most of the time, at least).