Do you ever just need a little extra incentive, a little reward, a little TREAT? You know what I’m talking about– whether it’s that extra special coffee order, a bar of your fave chocolate, or a seasonal TJ’s snack, sometimes (always), you just need a little something-something to get you through… life. There’s nothing I like more than a little reward for getting shit done. Here are some occurrences in a day-in-the-life of a Harvard student that warrant a little treat…

*including but not limited to*

Waking up (great job queen)

Going to your 9 a.m. (bonus points if you’re on time)

Making your bed (ah, so satisfying)

Going to office hours (you are a warrior)

Going to your lecture in person instead of watching it from the comfort of your bed… (either way is better than not going at all)

Going to the MAC (it can be a traumatic experience, I know)

Being productive at Lamont (you have my respect)

Being unproductive at Lamont (we’ve all been there… but you should def hit the vending machine on your way out)

Going to the Quad (I bet you’re tired from your journey)

Navigating the shuttle system (Passio GO! who?)

Eating at the dhall three times per day (way to go money $aver)

Doing any sort of writing assignment (these always require treats)

Doing your laundry (go you!)

Any sort of dorm cleaning (your roommates will love you)

Checking off your to-do list (nothing like that sweet sense of achievement at the end of the day)

Moral of the story? No matter what you’re doing or how much of your to-do list you’ve checked off this week, you’re doing hard girlboss things and if you want a treat, YOU DESERVE A TREAT.