Oh, you haven’t heard of Cabot Café? That’s embarrassing. Let me catch you up. Have a seat. I assume wherever you just sat down in Lowell or Adams or Dunster or any of those boring, subpar houses is about 1,000 times less comfortable than the worst seat in Cabot Café on a bad day.

Cabot Café, to put it humbly, is a place of magic. Cabot Café had good vibes before Pinterest ever said good vibes. I don’t even live in Cabot, and I’m in the Cabot Housing Day video saying “GO CABOT” in Cabot Café.

Allow me to explain. Cabot Café is a fully student-run, late night coffee shop that is tucked quietly into Cabot House E-Entryway, just past the dhall. It’s open every night except Fridays from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., might I say THE perfect hours for a work grind session or light tomfoolery (choose your destiny).

Picture this: you walk into Cabot Café, at which point you are greeted by the extremely friendly baristas. Any worries you may have are immediately quelled by the immaculately hung string lights, the whiteboards that have the perfect balance of decorated chaos and order, and the natural light chatter that is comforting without being distracting. You hear the background music, which is personalized by the baristas every night. You see that, if you so choose, you can add to the Spotify playlist to hear whatever you’re in the mood for.

You have your choice of any drink your heart might desire. The whiteboard offers every flavor of coffee (including my personal favorite — the mocha, for which they just made a new and improved recipe). Clear bins of all different flavors of tea line the back wall. There’s even the option for a lemonade, or other flavorful drinks if you’re feeling more adventurous. AND if you’re feeling hungry, feel free to indulge in a Hot Pocket or some classic mac ’n cheese.

You are now fed, watered, or caffeinated, and have your choice to sit at any of the couches of varying sizes. You can tuck yourself into the couch and chair arrangement in the back corner, where there are bookshelves full of knick-knacks. Or, you can choose your flavor of table and sit at one of the longer tables, the more humble round table, or the smaller, individual tables along the wall. And before you ask, there are outlets in every nook and cranny. I can’t make this up.

If I haven’t quite drilled it home yet, let’s just say there’s nothing more exciting than CabCaf-related notifications. Email from CabCaf saying they have a new mac ’n cheese recipe and are bringing back for-here mason jars and mugs. Boom — it’s like Christmas morning. Text in the roommate group chat: “Roll CabCaf tonight?” Best news of the week.

And before you river people say that walking to Cabot Café is just too far, remember that it’s the same as the average Quadling walking to Widener to do work for the night. YOU CAN DO IT. No excuses — bring a friend and give CabCaf some love!!!