{shortcode-f7787739cbff6c683aa440e5e2a67c49b79d372f}Fellow staff writer Katie E. Hennessey foreshadowed this best nearly four months ago to this day, writing of October: “It’s like the February of the fall semester, but worse.” But now, here we are, and somehow, somewhere (here), February has taken a sharp knife and gutted us all like one of Red’s best catches.

Maybe it’s the weather. Somehow, Cambridge has captured the monopoly on the color gray. WHERE ARE THE LEAVES? WHERE IS THE SUN? I miss that cancerous ball of fire and plasma. And no, I don’t care that there’s some low-pressure system with a warm front and a chance of meatballs. I’m in a high-pressure academically rigorous institution with a warm spot by Canaday that I voluntarily committed myself to — we deserve those photons of happiness just as much as our friends on the West Coast. So hear my cry: STOP THE GRAY! There’s only so much romanticizing my walks to the SEC that a girl can do.

February’s trough-ness could be the weather, or it could be the subtle strain of virus tickling the back of your throat. Based on extensive peer-reviewed and personal experience (there is no peer-reviewed experience), I can confidently and unequivocally say that February is the time that the NSAID and cold medicine people at CVS are raking in the big bucks. Somehow, we’re all sick, whether it’s not-Covid-because-I-tested-but-it-feels-like-Covid-itis, H1N1 (headache1noserunny1), or the good ole stress flu. And you’re not just physically tired. The fact that your roommate is ill and you’ve had a mild headache for the past week and you have morning practice tomorrow and an exam to boot is mentally exhausting, too. If it’s any consolation though, we’re right there with you, headaches and all.

And we certainly can’t forget about romance, arguably the best and worst thing about February. This one’s up to you, dear reader, to decide how February has affected your love life, but I’ll leave you with this tidbit: while taking advantage of free Amorino on Valentine’s Day (thanks Datamatch!), my friend and I somehow 11th-wheel. Not third-, fourth-, fifth-, but 11th.

So yeah, February is a pretty booty month. But there’s some great things about it too: random 60-degree days that foreshadow spring break. Pistachio gelato. The debut of the gassed up HUDS menu. Blind dates. Heavily discounted Valentine’s candy (but also the heinous appearance of Easter-themed candy two months too early). If I’ve learned anything from Math 21a, it’s that when you’re at a minimum, it’s only up from here — and that spring break is only two weeks away!