Flyby's first Flyby Rewind is here!

12/6 — For the first day of Flyby Rewind, we are proud to present "Flyby Recalls" as we reflect on the past year. From the best Flyby articles of 2023 to a list of the past year's highlights (and some lowlights!), our writers have come together to recap the year in a way that all readers can relate to! We also included Flyby's very own Spotify wrapped. Our sound city? Delulu Land.

12/8 — This winter, it’s time to rewind and reflect on 2023, but it is also time to unwind with the holiday spirit! On the second day of Flyby Rewind, we are proud to present "Flyby Explores!" Check out Flyby Blog's recommendations for what to do and eat in Boston and Cambridge this winter — we promise you won’t be disappointed.

12/11 — With the holiday spirit in full gear, it’s time to celebrate another year together! For "Flyby Celebrates," come along with us as we try out holiday drinks, craft holiday carols, and sing said carols to our beloved Flyby fans.

12/13 — On the last day of Flyby Rewind, we’re looking forward to a bright future — for Harvard, for Flyby Blog and always for the vibes. Read "Flyby Manifests" to learn all about our hopes and dreams. We hope you enjoyed reading Flyby Blog this past year and we can’t wait to come back stronger (and more chaotic!) in the New Year.