{shortcode-eef3f86c3f5d2cbfc60db0d08fda44f3a7a5d865}Every year on Nov. 1 when Mariah Carey starts to thaw, some people rejoice, others despair. The moment the weather turns a bit crisp, we’re stuck with her whether we like it or not. She takes over social media, we hear her haunting us over the speakers at Macy’s, and there is nothing we can do to stop her. Don’t get me wrong — Mariah Carey is a phenomenal singer and a Christmas icon. I’m as big a fan of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” as anyone else, but we all crave a little bit of variety from time to time. So, I present four Christmas album alternatives for when you need a break from Mariah’s angelic voice this Christmas season.

For those who want to take a step back from the pop tunes and Christmas commercialism – “Christmas Classics,” Bing Crosby

What more can I say except that this album absolutely lives up to its title? These songs are total classics, and Bing Crosby knows how to evoke a feeling of utter nostalgia with every word he sings. Perfect for snuggling up next to the fireplace with a fuzzy blanket, this album is giving dim candlelight ambiance and the scent of baking cookies. What more could you want? If you’re looking for a traditional and nostalgic holiday that brings you back to those late Christmas Eve nights you stayed up waiting for Santa, this is the album for you.

Best Songs: “The Littlest Angel” (the lyrics to this make me cry) and “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/It Came Upon a Midnight Clear - Medley.”

For those who want to give their Christmas a quirky twist (and those who go a little too crazy every time Mr. Brightside starts playing) – “Don’t Waste Your Wishes,” The Killers

I can’t lie, these songs are absolutely unhinged — but that doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing. In fact, I personally think that is what makes them so fun. This album has a great blend of everything — the slower, more nostalgia-based songs, as well as the hyped-up Christmas jams that keep us going through the holidays. Some of them seem super goofy when you first listen to them (check out “Joel The Lump of Coal”), but if you take the time to listen to the words, they’re packed full of beautiful messages that are actually quite touching when you pay attention. If you’re looking for some new Christmas fun, give this album a try — you’ll be in for a wild ride!

Best Songs: “A Great Big Sled” and “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” (I don’t even know where to begin with this one. The kid is homicidal, Santa has a hit list — you know what? You just gotta listen to it).

For my country lovers – “An Inconvenient Christmas,” The Oak Ridge Boys

This album is my personal favorite. Don’t ask me why I listen to this stuff, my dad found this album before I was born and I grew up thinking it was totally normal to listen to country Christmas music. Does my family like country music? Not particularly. Had my dad ever heard of The Oak Ridge Boys before this album? No, not at all. But it was totally normal to me and I didn’t realize that this album was weird until I went to college. That being said, I stand by the fact that every single song on this album is an absolute banger, you just have to give it a chance.

Best Songs: “The Most Inconvenient Christmas” (This is my #1 favorite Christmas song, I listened to this at midnight on Nov. 1 — yes, I’m one of those people) and “The Hallelujah Chorus.”

For my theater nerds and people who love show tunes on the DL – “The Christmas Album (volumes 1-4),” The Glee Cast

Really, there is not much for me to say here. We all know “Glee,” and we all either loved it or hated it. But there is no denying that as annoying as some of those characters were, they could damn well sing. If we’re being honest with ourselves, Rachel Barry may have been a danger to society, but her vocal chords were crafted by God himself. So if you appreciate excellent singing, and want to find some fun different versions of your favorite Christmas songs (“All I Want For Christmas is You” sung by Amber Riley? Sign me up) then give these albums a try.

Best Songs: “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” and “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

So there you have it, folks. If you find yourself flinching away from Mariah’s incredibly impressive but undeniably deafening whistle tones this holiday season, now you’ve got a whole bunch of alternatives to keep that festive spirit going. Happy Holidays!