{shortcode-97926ed6029d17e0cb546aa80a3b595d89f64e77}Annenberg offers a fair variety of beverages, including its classic soft drink fountain (Root Beer, Sprite, Ginger Ale and the like), Fogbuster coffee and Bigelow’s tea array, juice and milk options (low fat 1 percent, anyone?), and the slightly ominous sparkling water station. Yet, even with such vast possibilities, the drink scene of Berg can get old quickly. Every now and then, you need to refresh your flavor palette with a creative, sometimes unsettling drink combination. Thus, I set out to try a few of the combinations I’ve witnessed and discovered in the first-year dining hall.

Sprite + Cranberry Juice

This combination has to be one of my all-time favorites. I mean, Sprite Cranberry exists for a reason, right? This drink is bright, flavorful, and suitable for any meal. The Sprite balances out the cranberry juice so you can appreciate the cranberry flavor without its intense bitterness. This may just be me, but the drink also feels a little fancy, somewhat sophisticated (it was my drink of choice at the student-faculty dinner). I will be making this combination time and time again.

Powerade + Lemonade + Sprite

This drink is very customizable and very popular. I’ve seen Powerade combined with lemonade, Sprite, or both. I guess it’s a versatile base. In a single sip, I feel like I can appreciate each individual flavor as well as how they blend together. Drinking this stark blue combination makes me feel like a student-athlete for a moment, but unfortunately, even Powerade can’t improve my athletic ability.

Lemonade + Gold Peak Green Tea

It’s a DIY Arnold Palmer. These two drinks were meant to be together. The combination of sweet, tart, and bitter flavors is simply delightful. Plus, since you’re creating it yourself, you can determine the ratio of lemonade to green tea that best suits your tastes – customization at its finest. This combo is a good go-to for any time of the day, and it almost tastes like you didn’t get it from a dining hall! Just pretend it’s in a can and imagine yourself sunbathing. Maybe this drink is your escape from the frigid winter air.

Pomegranate-Blueberry Sparkling Water + Orange Juice

Alright, I was skeptical, too. I watched, in awe and wonder, as a classmate ahead of me in line created this oddity. I just had to try it. Although, it took some courage to create the drink. I suppose citrus and sparkling water is a well-received recipe, but something about this combination didn’t sit right with me, and I cringed as I pressed the dispenser buttons. Once I got over that initial discomfort… It wasn’t bad. I couldn’t taste the pomegranate and blueberry, but maybe my ratio was faulty. Regardless, all I tasted was orange juice. But the real overpowering factor was the bubbles. If you need a fizzy wake-up drink in the morning, try this. It should get the job done. Those bubbles certainly awakened my taste buds.

Sunday Sundaes + Soda

Don’t overlook the potential of Sunday Sundaes. If you’ve exhausted the sprinkles, hot fudge, and caramel sauce or just want to switch things up, consider making an ice cream float. The soft drink fountain is just a few steps away, lying in wait. A scoop of ice cream and a cup of Root Beer, for example, is always a solid option. I can confirm the Root Beer float is a reliable source of nostalgia and deliciousness. Especially when the soda makes the ice cream ~crusty~ and you can enjoy a more textured, vanilla-heavy bite. Ok, that description may sound a bit gross. But you know what I mean… right?

The drink combinations at Annenberg are endless, so keep exploring! Try these ones or make your own Frankenstein drink. Who knows, maybe hot chocolate and grapefruit juice will be the next big thing!