{shortcode-23729027b400aa7bef835adeb33ab32640e28cbd}As a freshman at Harvard, I have often been told that some of the best moments of my undergraduate experience would come at Harvard-Yale. I couldn’t wait to don my crimson H sweater and see our esteemed institution battle Yale on the field. So, here’s the expectations versus reality for “The Game.”


The Game! If you don’t attend this event that gives off the biggest #yuckfale vibes each fall semester, I don’t think you can graduate from Harvard (I’m not joking). I expect this to be the pinnacle of my Harvard transformative experience, perhaps with an Obama sighting or Yardfest close behind it. The New Haven School for the Gifted against the small liberal arts institution J.O.B. (just outside of Boston) is always the culmination of the football season and boasts two former NCAA champions (the year doesn’t matter…).

To begin, I don’t think that any team at Harvard could lose to any school in Connecticut — I mean, what even is in that state? Harvard football has had a great season thus far, and one little hiccup at a safety school in New Jersey shouldn’t stop us from achieving our solo Ivy League title. The Crimson are rolling, and no Yale student-athletes, pranks, or stadium will stop our team.

Once in New Haven, I must decide which school city has better pizza (Frank Pepe’s can’t possibly be better than Noch’s). Then, when I get to Yale’s campus, I’m basing all of my weekend shenanigans off solely the Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls episodes I’ve seen occur at Yale. Yes, this means I want to see people (maybe my TF who keeps grading my paper too harshly?) snatched up by a Yale secret society or find my Serena van der Woodsen. I’d also expect little coffee carts in the campus courtyards, proud alums who can’t close the yearbook from 30 years ago, and RVs decked out with food and private chefs. C’mon, this is the Ivy League.

I have, however, heard that the festivities revolving around the game at Yale are epic. Whether people are going to the frats or hitting up Toad’s, the 3 a.m. bedtime to 4 a.m. tailgate rally is going to be something that every Harvard student might come back telling mythical stories about to everyone willing to hear at their Thanksgiving table.

This is going to be a great, fun Harvard tradition….


First off, I’m very disappointed in the Crimson faithful. If you looked across the gridiron (another term for the field, btw), Yale’s section was filled to the brim, while we failed even to fill two sections with students (yes, I’m calling out all you students who sat on the Yale side — be better). They made us look like fools, and the only chant we could come up with in our Ivy League brains was “safety school!” I mean, c’mon peeps, I’ve seen Sidechat; we can come up with better crap than that. Harvard State needs to step up its game.

Now, to the Yale Bowl… the entrance situation was chaotic, and there was no way to avoid waiting at least 20 minutes behind some Yalies, many of whom tend to cut the line. Whenever I tried to check my phone to text friends about where they were, zero bars of wireless connection made for complete and utter chaos, and I will never wish that kind of chaos on anyone.

I will, however, rate the party scene there as a great time! Though New Haven might be close to the worst town to go to school in, this was the only thing every student seemed to get behind, and I’m all for forging community. Friday night and Saturday morning, the Yale students seemed to fully support the integration of Harvard nerds and we all danced the night away.

As I like to remind myself daily regarding the Bullpups from New Haven — it’s all right, it’s okay; they’ll all work for us one day. I can’t wait to see next year’s game on home turf, and even though we lost in heartbreaking fashion, I know that the 10,000 men (and women) of Harvard will gain victory today, tomorrow, and for as long as New Haven School for the Smart and Gifted is open.