First years, you’ve made it to Harvard. You’ve survived your Pre-O, probably got zero sleep during orientation week, and now you have a few days of class under your belt. However, your first few months will be an adjustment, regardless of if you think you’ve already hacked HUDS. Here are some reminders and tips that will help you find your way!

First Year Housing Round-Up

Want to get the inside scoop on your first-year dorm? Visiting a new friend in Pennypacker but have no clue where that is? Check out this guide to make that 3 a.m. trip to get your new friend for life to edit your Expos essay or help you finish that CS50 Pset — we don’t judge ;)

Form a Family With Your Freshman Roomies

Even if the rooming situation isn’t always what you’ve dreamt of, you can still make the most of it! There’s a high chance your roommates will see you experience hundreds of emotions from crying to your sibling on FaceTime to inhaling some Jefe’s at 2 a.m. — read through this guide to discover the secret to unlocking another family on campus.

26 Vocab Words For the Class of 2026

With the return to campus comes the return of our favorite Harvard lingo that we all know and hate love. For all the words that will be embarrassing outside of the Harvard Bubble, but absolutely necessary to master on campus, this guide is your new best friend. From “Berg” to “paff” to “basty” to “HUA,” not even Harvard students can keep up with the new vernacular, let alone the class of 2026.

First Year Guide to Laundry

Now that you’ve finally made it to Harvard, there’s suddenly no one to do your laundry (unless, of course, you want to splurge on door delivery). Since you’ve probably FaceTimed your mom one too many times asking if whites and colors can be washed together, here’s our official guide to doing your laundry at Harvard.

Dear Freshmen: An Open Letter About Handling Failure

Under any circumstance, coming to college is daunting, and adding a pandemic to the mix just makes it all the more challenging. So take it to heart that making mistakes and “failing” (whatever that may mean) are a natural part of life, and certainly part of the Harvard experience. We guarantee you that any upperclassman you know has experienced a long list of failures, too.

Advice From: Class of 2024 & Advice From: Class of 2021

Need some affirmation that you can absolutely THRIVE at Harvard? Take some advice from the class of 2024 and 2021 — and believe us, you got this!

Take it from two seasoned sophomores that no matter how overwhelmed you feel right now, give it some time, and Harvard will soon begin to feel like home.