When we’re drowning in psets, essays, and the never ending cycle of club meetings, staying active (let alone finding time for yourself) is hard at Harvard. Check out these ideas to get those endorphins going!

Start a free, one week trial at CorePower

Sign up for a free trial online, then head over to the CorePower on JFK Street! One week, unlimited classes. This trial isn’t limited to the Harvard Square location, check out the nearby locations at Kendall Square and Allston, or venture into Seaport or Back Bay. I highly recommend trying Yoga Sculpt - you’ll emerge looking like you jumped into a pool but it’s a butt-kicking workout that includes cardio, weights, and stretching.

Sign up for a free class at Pure Barre

Yes, the workout place you pass on your way to Flour. If you want to feel not only mentally depleted from classes but physically depleted as well, this is for you! Grab a friend and sign up on the website - tl;dr your abs will feel like somebody ripped them out, ground them up, then placed them back inside your body. Don’t blame me when you wake up with intense soreness before your weekly 9 a.m.

Take advantage of Memorial Drive on the weekends

Memorial Drive is closed to cars on the weekend, so you have an entire street to walk, jog, bike, or roller skate on! Text a friend on a sunny Saturday, grab iced lattes and take a catch-up stroll or indulge in a solo hot girl walk.

Go bouldering at the Central Rock Gym

Newly opened this fall and above the new Jefe’s, the Central Rock Gym is an awesome solo workout, with a friend, or with a big group of friends. In addition to the giant bouldering wall, they offer yoga classes, treadmills, ergs, weights, and an assortment of other machines with a community feel and fun music to pump you up! (Pro tip: If your group is 10+ people, schedule ahead to receive a discounted group rate. They also have a discounted rate for people under the age of 22).

Invest in 4 weeks of Down Under School of Yoga for $49

You pass it when you splurge on a $13 salad at Life Alive, but you have yet to try it. Classical yoga, yoga sculpt, Pilates, Barre - they’ve got it all. Down Under also offers a discounted student membership that includes 20% off Life Alive! Helloooo Falafel Power salad and hummus.

Get moving during workout Classes at the MAC and Hemenway

Harvard Recreation offers many classes - free of charge! With tons of offerings from BollyX, Zumba, Cycle, to Row and Sculpt, I’m certain you’ll find one that fits into your already packed Gcal.

Walk to Trader Joes or the Porter Square Target

Two birds with one stone: check a workout and an errand off your to-do list. Listen to a podcast (or the lecture you skipped) on your way — at Harvard, multitasking is practically an instinct. While you’re at it, grab some Pumpkin JoJo’s to share with your roommates, or replenish the communal bag of popcorn you finished.

My biggest tip is to make exercise as important as doing a homework assignment. If you don’t prioritize it — it won’t happen! Taking care of your body (and liver after each weekend) and mind (after those heinous psetting hours) will pay off, I promise :)